Bugs and a few suggestions


Just wanted to point out a few things that need to be fixed/changed/added.

  1. Add the option for Click to ADS (Aim Down Sights) instead of only having Click and Hold for ADS.

  2. Currently the MP5A4 still has the reload glitch, where you don’t have to wait for the entire reload animation to complete before you can start firing again.

  3. Typing in chat uses items on your action bar, eg. If i type in chat “There are 3 guys there” and my food happens to be on action bar button ‘3’ it will eat some chicken.

  4. In some instances a workbench can kill you if you walk past it, if you walk directly at it to craft something sometimes it will throw you into the air. Which i assume you headbutt the ceiling and die instantly. Have also had this happen when trying to jump between 2 rocks and somehow die instantly and this can also occur if you walk into a sulfur mine, it will launch you into the air, high enough to kill you upon landing. I have opened my door walked out and as I closed it the door hit me and slingshot me into a rock at full speed, killing me on inpact.

  5. Sometimes when trying to kill a zombie that’s charging at you with an arrow. The arrow will simply pass through the zombie completely as if it weren’t there.

  6. Airdrops locations need to be looked at, there have been so many that land between trees and it looks like the parachute is stuck on the tree model so never touches the ground so you can’t loot. It can also drop on top of huge rock formations that you simply cannot access due to the shear height of them.

  7. If you place any of the two wood storage boxes partially through a wall of a wood shelter and the shelter is C4’d it will destroy anything touching the shelter.

  8. You can sometimes loot a wood storage box through a wall if you look to the right of the wall and quickly snap your aim to the left whilst spamming E.

  9. The head hitbox whilst crouching is too large and not consistent with when in a standing position. Not sure if this was intended or not?

That’s all I’ve got at the moment!


I can confirm all of those bugs

Another important thing i’ve noticed since the steam release;

There seems to be quite a few issues where the game will only run using Integrated Graphics instead of their actual GPU.

I’ve helped about 7 people so far with this issue, ranges from crashing their game straight up, severe performance issues etc.

@helk - Can you add this to the list please mate.