Bugs as of Oct.3 1:30 PM MST

Sleeping bags/beds can’t be placed on foundations.
Camp fires don’t warm players, nor do they dry them.
Significant memory leak.

Just three that I’ve noticed on my server so far.

lots of console spam when just joining a server, crafting, shooting, placing objects and when harvesting animals, trees or ore.

I have 8gb of ram before i run rust im using 1900 mb of ram when rust loads before im in game im at 2876 mb of ram once
i join a server im at 6048 mb of ram after 20 - 30 mins of play im at 7967 mb of ram at that point im rubber banding and
shuttering everywhere and i have to exit rust wait 1 min then reload. same thing happens on my other system but i get
longer play due to a massive amount more of ram.

My specs

Rig 1

Intel i7 4790k @3.60 GHz
8gb ddr3 ram
Ati Radeon HD 5850
Raid 10 Samsung 850 Pro 256gb ssd
Win 7

Rig 2

Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 @ 2.40 GHz
64gb ddr3 ram
AMD FirePro V7900
Raid 10 Samsung 850 Pro 256gb ssd
Dual Booting Win7 and Debian 5 “lenny”

Before you troll about my video card is old i know ive been out of work since
May due to kneecap surgery doc wont allow me back to work till January
and i have kids which come first it will be replaced once im back at work .