[BUGS / ISSUES] 25.02 small list

1. Extremely low chance to find explosives blueprint (the one who is going to find it will be unstoppable)
2. Rad monuments (like hangar, big ball etc) --> are not spawning loot crates (?)
3. FPS graph function lowers your FPS dramatically.
3. Sleeping bags, campfires, furnaces are** too hard to destroy**.
4. Getting things from the floor with full inventory still makes items disappear (the only thing that has changed is that you can’t see what it actually was).

I will keep it updated.

I will add one I am almost sure to be a bug (because some friends have the issue, some have not):

  1. When I’m under the influence of radiation (after visiting radtown) I am not able to use/drop things from my inventory. I have to wait until radiation aftermath is over.

e.g. I can’t eat food trom the inventory. If I use the hotkey bar eating works.
Anyone else have this problem?

Whats to stop someone with explosives from being shot with a bow or a gun?

1.stacked boxes dissapearing if you remove a wall or item close by
2.large boxes cannot be distroyed
3.if you leave a large box its somtimes says it is occupied anyway
4, enter a large box and i kicks you