Bugs/Problems with certain items

Wood Pillars/Foundations/Ceilings and Metal Pillars/Foundations/Ceilings currently can’t be destroyed period.
I also wonder if you’d be able to fix it where player logs are shown when something of a player’s is destroyed, so admins on servers can take action and remove them.
Say, a PvE server wants everyone to enjoy themselves as much as possible, but when someone is raided and we enforced a no raiding rule, but aren’t able to ban said person that broke a rule multiple times, it makes us look bad. And not being able to destroy a pillar, foundation or ceiling after accidentally misclicking makes the map, and its content inside look bad with tons of misplaced objects we cant remove with c4, like the rest of the objects currently.

I’d like to see the indestructible foundations/pillars/ceilings problem looked into and fixed, as well as you making it a way for invisible gear to work correctly where admins cannot be seen, even if they turn their views to see us. They shouldn’t be able to see us, our names, or hear our footsteps, when we’re trying to silently walk across map and keep an eye on everything, to make sure the rules are enforced. As well as should the problem be fixed with the not being able to see player logs in admin console, or preferrably making an admin console for admins to log into, where logs can be spammed there of who broke who’s things, so rules can be enforced properly without problems arising such as “Why won’t this break?” or “You haven’t banned them yet, are you sure you can see who destroyed this?”