Bugs Since Last Update

1… Cannot place certain items on anywhere in your base … Furnaces, Boxes. Link to my YouTube Video

2… Oil Derrick doesn’t produce crude oil - I’m getting Metal ore, sulfur ore, HQ metal etc,etc Link to my YouTube Video

3… The character animation for doing tasks or killing people/aiming at them is not shown to the observer of the action, they appear to be stood doing nothing…

4… Female character has a male head - My Steam Screenshot - Fixed as of approx 19:00 GMT

Feel free to add more…

Edited - To keep updated.

No crates are spawning in rad towns on the server I admin. Speaking to other players, and they haven’t seen any crates since the update went live and the rad towns were run the fist time. Since then, it’s been nothing but sparse numbers of barrels and trash cans. I’ve flown to them, and they’re all barren. Checked under the map to see if shit wasn’t spawning there, and no signs of anything.

Cannot headshot people, so far tested with AK47 and Bolt action.

EDIT : Fixed

Yeah, it’s been 2 hours since my last lap around the map to all the rad sites. No crates to be found. And only a handful of barrels around the large rad town. Travelling the roads and I’m not seeing barrels spawning there or around monuments either.


Patch was applied to server. Client updated. Still no loot spawns in rad towns. Still no barrels at monuments or near roads.

After the patch at approx 00:00 GMT - Still the same issues, what was patched?

I click to place the box and it dissappears and nothing happens. Better than just RED I suppose…

The Oil Derrick is still not producing Crude Oil…

i cant even place a quarry AND yea oil rig produces everything but oil… Didnt you try it out first?

yeah, i play with all the new things on my server make sure they work and such, glad I do too…

This needs to be addressed ASAP.

We’re having the same issue on my server.

Can confirm, oil rig produces everything but oil. and the placement system for the quarry and oil rig isn’t right, I have to stand like 10-20 metres away from the crater to place it (took me a while to figure out why I couldn’t place it)

Also have had 2-3 reports of people being constantly building blocked, no matter where they are or whether there is a tool cupboard or not.

Same here. This is pretty game breaking.

Still unable to place furnaces, and boxes anywhere in my base and oil rigs not pumping oil, nearly 12 hours since reporting of a gamebreaking bug.

Anyone know if FP are aware or doing something to fix this?

this is what it happens when they don’t do beta testings and just add patches without care…

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why u flagged me as dumb? i just seen your video and i feel like this , come on -.-

Because whilst i agree it was without care, it’s not yet a beta release and you are the unpaid ‘beta’ tester + it’s derailing the intention of the thread.

we are unpaid testers for an alpha game.

Another bug that myself and other players have noticed is…

The character animation for doing tasks or killing people/aiming at them is not shown to the observer of the action, they appear to be stood doing nothing…

i confirm the bug , rarely it doesn’t happen…

Garry just posted a little while ago he is looking at bugs and will be putting out a patch soon. Or to be exact: he posted in reply to another bug and said it will be patched today. So I am sure he is reading all of this and is aware of this issue - but I don’t know when it will be fixed. I would bet within 1-2 days most of this will be fixed.

let’s hope they make a new patch today…at least for the furnaces/boxes…

Just noticed another bug - female characters (admins) have male faces. Not game affecting by any means, but that manly face and a vag just looks odd. I’m pretty sure this wasn’t intentional.

Just noticed this myself… updated the OP