Bugs: Stone pillars crash // Inventory disappeared

Well, i was playing for hours yesterday before the wipe and i notice some bugs.

  1. When i try to upgrade pillars to stone the game crashes.

  2. I logged in this morning and i found myself in the beach, first i thought i was raided or the server was wiped again, but when i commit suicide i saw i still have my bed and my house and all my items in the chests, i was sleeping inside my house so i got killed magically and lost all my inventory (guns, mats, etc…) and spawned in a beach, wtf why?

I spent hours in crafting a bolt and now i lost it… smells like a bug or a very selective hacker?

Anytime I use the hammer, I get a big lag spike, and it’s really apparent when upgrading those posts.

there was a bug 2 months ago where people could shoot through walls if further than 300 meters. apparently there was a distance where the player would render but not the walls. I think that being on the client, the other player could shoot and since the walls were not rendered, the hit still register hitting the player inside the house.

they played a lot with rendereing distance lately with the lodbias thing, so its probably that someone shot you from very far. i think players playing with very large screen and high resolutions have an advantage and can abuse this. i know on my tiny 900p screen the player takes too few pixels when its 300m far.