BugZappers debugging tools

BugZappers is a collection of two different, easy-to-use tools aimed at helping developers eliminate any bugs, glitches, or errors in their projects. These tools are BugZapper and RenderBuddy. [/release]
BugZapper is a generic debugger GUI that allows the user to access basic debugging commands within the Source engine, including:

-Wireframe mode
-First/Thirdperson view toggle
-Bumpmapping mode
-Cubemap Builder
-FPS view
-Coordinate view
-Network usage
-Source bug reporter
-Physics timescale
-Skybox name fetcher (prints to console)
-World friction
-World gravity
-Voice control
-Human blood toggle
-Alien blood toggle

RenderBuddy is a tool aimed at mappers with the same GUI interface alternative as BugZapper, with various rendering options.

If you would like to see a feature added into BugZappers, please post your idea or leave a comment on the download section.



To be honest, any developer should know most of this stuff by heart, having a guy for it is rather bad since opening the console and using the autocomplete function is a way faster.

Were do i find this ingame?

Whats the console command To disable the All the blood?