Buh Bye Rust... time for a new game!

Rust is dead to me now, and I think dead to many, many players who have just moved on. We loved the game when it first started, but the daily/hourly hassle of contending with cheaters has utterly destroyed it, and any chance of enjoying it.

There is a special place in hell for those people.

My server will shutdown at month end, when the subscription runs out. Thank God! What a nightmare. All day dealing with players getting cheated, and cheaters trying do as much damage as they can before getting kicked. Then of course once you kick them, they try and get your IP or your server IP or both, and DDOS the crap out of you. There seems to be a bottomless pit of scumbags on the internet. Psychopaths who get joy not from gaming, but from stopping others from gaming. Still no idea why that is fun for anyone, but it is what it is.

I choose to not let them aggravate me any more. Rust has honestly been one big nightmare and I’ve had enough. Buh bye Rust, and thanks for the one or two pure days of fun play I got before you let all the cheaters in. =)

PS Garry… recommend you just abandon this project… by the time you have anything even remotely complete (Say in 2018ish) no one will be there waiting to play it.

Are you ok? Game didnt start yet, Its in alpha testing now…

This is properly a retarded post and useless for any1 but anyway thanks for showing us how crazy you are…

its in alpha seriously?

Although this post is a little OTT, i can’t imagine it can be any fun running a Rust server. I mean every server I’v ever played on pretty much has a hacker spotted every hour, maybe every 5-10 minutes at peak times, that can’t be fun to endure as a server admin.

ALOT of facepunch fanboys on this forum (gee no surprise there) seems like every moron has the “its an alpha” hardwired into their feeble brains. you guys honestly think that its going to do a complete 180 and change hahaha in your dreams i promise you the hacking, the bugs, the lack of content, and overall the production wont change much. the game probably will be released in like 2015 or later seeing how slow it is for them to get an update out, small team or not they are going to a convention instead of actually working on the game big surprise right?

I agree with the OP. As it stands today, this game is basically unplayble, due to cheaters and hackers.

Until its had significant investment in developer time (sadly, at the expense of real content), there is little point in play it.

If you play on a low pop community server the hackers and cheaters are very few and far between. Stay off the official servers. At least it’s worked for me so far.

As far as the OP. I can only imagine how bad it would be to always be kicking/banning hackers all day and not even being able to play the game yourself.

you’re an idiot. you have no grasp on the concept of game development nor how long it takes to create games with a full dedicated studio, let alone a small studio like this. not to mention the added complications of making a multiplayer game with such a large amount of players per server, while dealing with ddos attacks on their servers whilst combating hacking the best they can.

I wanna say one thing, i accepted that this is Alpha and bought the game… but then again, its so horrible right now, developers job is to work on this game, fix and polish, release patches, i loved latest patch, the revolver and stuff it is cool. But then again, its been a week and nothing new, situation only gets worse, and the most thing which i find now retarded, is steam early access. Why you wonder? Well, because when developers give early access, they earn money, and when they earn money, they become less active, more lazy with their project… im not saying that this is same as Infestation: Survivor Stories, which was a total rip off and im still pretty angry at them. But i definitely hope Rust is going another road and not the same. Nowadays gaming is less fun because lack of polishing and hard work. Please devs, dont grow tentacle hands, theyre floppy.

Sorry you got pwnt. Don’t let the door hit ya!

I’m terribly amused by this. It’s safe to say Rust will lose nothing from impatient players like you.

Also, when was their last update?
Oh yeah, January 9th.

Before that?
January 7th.

Before that?
December 30th.

Before that?
December 29th.

Seriously. 9 days and you are complaining about how slow they are to get an update out.

Yes, because going to a convention focused around developers (press isn’t invited) that occurs once a year is an entirely worthless endeavour. In case you missed it, that was sarcasm.

I wouldn’t say entirely at the expense of real content. For instance, the people who create the models are not the same people who manage the code.

OP: Join a server with an anti cheat (I.e http://bmrf.me/ )

LOL, ok clown, dont let the door hit you on the way out

OP: Join a server with a Whitelist

impatient players? lol i know its alpha i know what i bought i didn’t expect the game to be perfect let alone playable the game is good not many like it. you seem to be one of those fan boys that cant handle their game being bashed thank you for proving my point this forum is a joke just like yourself. dont get all butthurt when things don’t go your way and if you are amused by this but sorry to be the on to tell you this but you are simply amused. im not complaining im just pointing out the obvious which you seem to have your head so far up your ass its mind boggling. 4k posts? might wanna spend a little less time on the forum and more time actually playing the game before expressing your thoughts on it.

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majority of the people on this forum live in denial, it hurts me to say this but its true.

Sounds like you’re frustrated.

On one hand, I agree. Rust in its current state can be extremely frustrating.

On the other, as others have and will mention, the game is in an Alpha stage. Each of us was warned before we paid there would be issues. You’re kind of having a freak-out about what should have been expected. Maybe that’s because Rust is so tantalizing, even though it is less than 1% complete.

I hope you check the game out in a few months. And a few months after that if it’s still not up to par. If not, thanks for investing in the future of Rust for those who will.

Pardon? Just what are you trying to express here? You say " how slow it is for them to get an update out". As I’ve pointed out, the updates have been fairly frequent. It is just you seem to be one of those people who have unrealistic expectations from a small developer team who are in all actuality doing quite well. You also seem to have a very poor grasp on how a game is developed, otherwise you would not be saying such things as you are now.

Oh you’re not far off. This sub-forum is a joke, because the quality of the posts here, such as yours. are absolutely terrible.

You’re not complaining. Then please, tell me what you are doing? Because that is exactly what it looks like from where I sit.

You do realize their are sections on this forum that do not have to do with Rust, as in almost all of the forum?

I agree too. In fact, I think it can be said that most alphas in general are frustrating.

Man seriously some of you butthurts really out-do yourselves. You fucking care enough to write some soap opera on this forum and for what? The game has beaten you, so moving on to something a little more your level is probably best for literally everyone involved.

ps look in the mirror after reading your own bullshit.

30,000 other people playing seem to disagree with you