Build-a-Bridge Gamemode

Hey guys remember the Gmod 9 days when we used to play the build a bridge gamemode? It was probably one of the most popular things on there. Well, i was wondering if anyone had the knowledge/time to do it. I assume it would be fairly simple. Anyone?

it used to be out, nobody ever played it though

Fretta has a version of it.

May I have the link, please?

This sounds fun beyond belief

Last time I played the fretta version, it made you use the physgun, which ruins the whole gamemode.

Time Traveling BUMP

what do you mean by build a bridge because that gave me some ideas

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this makes me think the original was gravity guns in which you place immobile objects in the air

I was thinking it would be fun if you had a physgun without the ability to freeze your mobile objects(like the now gmod-included phx beams)

hold it touched onto a prop for a few seconds and it creates a weld between the two?

howabout physgun+rope tool? you can freeze it, but you have a time limit for building, when the time limit runs out, you respawn and your props unfreeze
ropes are not rigid, there might be posts or something on either side of the map you can use for leverage

that sounds great but I’m concerned over the way you slide around on unfrozen props

roping together a whole bridge sounds like a recipe for lethal spazz