Build a steel castle only to have the lock changed?

You’ve spent weeks and weeks building you castle of steel and someone comes knocking to raid your stuff. They have C4 and sure might get past several of your door but then give up your stuff is safe right? What happens when they replace the steel doors with their own. So you’ve just lost your castle and yes you do have more than one entrance.


They attack, get in to several doors they lock you in your own house.

What do you do?


Nothing, until house ownership is implemented your base is at the mercy of trolls. Either move or make c4 and reclaim your own house.

blow your way out and go f them up

Cry in chat until they come let you out? Offer them 20 chicken per door.

Be glad they didn’t chop up your stairs and place a ceiling there.

Holy! Ok first of all if you’re inside and you are 10 or 15 doors deep how can you see who it is? If they are silent you can’t see their name pop-up. All you hear is footsteps, anyway my point is I know someone this was done to. They locked him in his own house, took all his stuff, found his secret building too. Let’s just say he didn’t come back to the server.

Try maybe building a wall around your base so they won’t be able to come out :v:

It’s “ownership” not ownership… The quotes indicate that it is superficial ownership to allow you to fix mistakes.

The game allows you to steal a house by replacing doors. That won’t be changing.

Then whats the point of playing really? I can be that many doors deep have enough C4 to get through all of them except the last so I’m ^@#&ed

It’s possible that a lawless full loot PVP sandbox just isn’t the game for you.

Maybe have a look at what some of the community servers have to offer? There are no-C4 servers, PVE servers, no-raiding servers, time-restricted-PVP servers, full “creative mode” servers … Maybe something there is more to your liking?

You don’t need to see the name to assume who did it. I can usually figure out who raided me shortly after I log on if it was a big job. Doesn’t take a genius dummy…

The point is to survive as long as you can. If you can’t recover from being wiped out or forced from your house, then you are losing the game.

Reasons to not “put all your eggs in one basket.”

Rust isn’t about making you safe.

It’s about challenging you and giving you the tools to deal with them. The game is very early, so a lot of those tools are unfinished or missing altogether right now.

How about using C4 on the doors that was replaced? And yea you can also stash that some where hidden too…

I wouldn’t build anything that intense. Nothing is beyond raiding. The best you can do is try to hide your shacks and there are a lot of places to do it.

Have you got a reason to say this more than the “quotes”?

Or are you just upset that a potential griefing technique might be removed?

We have a no griefing rule on our server and if we catch someone doing this they get a ban.
Usually though the griefed player will ask an admin to remove the offending door/wall/ceiling etc for them.

you should get out of your base using the other exit or suicide, and put new doors where they blew it. so they’ll be trapped inside your base. it’s pretty fun actually!

you just need a small house/shelter hidden close to your base with 5-10 metal doors on it, so you can suicide and spawn there. wait until they blow a decent amount of doors and then trap them inside. Works almost all the time.

Stop building castles, invest resources in more useful things than a mega base: a base with 20 doors isn’t 20 times safe than a base with one door. Infact, a 1x1 base is far safer cuz it’s hard to find.
If instead you’d built 6 small well hidden bases you’d only lost 1/6th of your property - small change, you’d replaced that base within an hour.