Build a window?

Ok so on the rust alpha version, I dont see an option to build a window. I’ve changed resolution a thousand times so maybe i can see it. My friend has to build windows for a house because i cant and it really slows production for a house being built. I have to wait for my friend to be online and play rust to continue building.

Try running in windowed mode, no pun intended. :slight_smile:

i think you mean full screen, so not in windowed mode;) the build menu currently cuts off the last item (window) at resolutions less than 768 high.

I always run on full screen and tried a couple different resolutions.

skooph you would do well to Listen to what peeps tell you fgs

I had the same problem …so untick the little box in the start menu before hitting start then run the game at high res because as mrknfey said it’s the last option on the list and windows mode obscures it job done

if you still cannot see it your res is lame