Build-Combat-RPlite gamemodes

So, My favorite server closed down a few months back, SGCs Naval play. IMO it was amazing, you essentially were to build a boat (or airships, with less functional use) with a limited number of props, and take it to battle against other boats in competition to collect oil barrels from an oil rig. There was no noclipping outside of port, there were regulations, and plenty of admins to enforce said regulations and rules. All went well, although I always saw it as pleasant-hectic at times, although now I now realize after playing plenty of 1942RP, I had it easy as an admin there on Naval play.
Anyway, the clan fell apart to a bunch of baby-men in the administrative staff, and the ones that weren’t little shits ended up giving up and moving on. So since then I’ve been really wanting to make a build/combat gamemode, with some of the fun quirks of an RP gamemode.
I think with plenty of administration, and a good server this can be pretty awesome and enjoyable for everyone. However, I see how clans and servers get, often drama filled and whatnot… I fully intend on running the clan created for the gamemode with an iron fist, while at the same time having trusted commanders and plenty of trusted admins, as well as being reasonable, and listening to others suggestions and advice.

Issues: I know not how to code or edit maps.
I have a 3 maps in mind that need some optimization and edits to make them more suitable for this style gametype, so most of the mapping work is done for me.
The gamemode itself isnt entirely too complex, using perhaps a DarkRP base, it could be easily changed to suit my desires.

SO! If this sounds intriguing, and something you would like to be a part of, then please contact me here or on steam, and if people show interest I’ll post some more detailed information here. I have lots of great ideas, and have high hopes for this, as I feel given the right chance it could be an incredible gamemode, because God, Krishna, the Flying Spaghetti Monster, Allah all know, Garrysmod has been seriously lacking in creativity lately, and damn I miss that.

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You can pay for somebody to help you here. Otherwise, you’ll have to get Allah or God down here to come and do it for you; since nobody on facepunch will do it for superadmin/admin/donations. Especially since what you’re asking for is free work, and more work actually administrating the community.

Surprisingly someone is already working on a gamemode for this purpose called Privateer. Currently you can’t combat but you can build and shit.

^ I saw privateer, and am incredibly dissatisfied with it. It’s pretty bad in quite a few different ways, and doesnt look like it will improve much, knowing the guy who made it. I have completely different ideas and standards I’m working towards as well.

Good luck, hope you can finish it on your own :slight_smile:

What do you have against it, Courier…?