build dua files (server only)

My server provider used to offer an auto fast-dl system that auto mirrored all files on the server that users requested to be downloaded.
But it broke down once again…(and not a good time to happen with the medical problems I am having at the moment :frowning: )

So I had to set-up a fast-dl redirect myself.
I run my server as a Fretta gamemode one, and well with 28 gamemodes it got a bit boring with the constant F1, vote to change, pick gamemode, write name down, wait to load, click mouse, join team, F1, rinse and repeat all those times…

So what I thought would be handy would be an option that could be run on a server is a console command called say “dua_build_now”, that would load each gamemode, wait a few seconds (5 - 10) then load the next, and if possible load the smallest map that gamemode supports, or if not, just load a random map for that gamemode.

And after it’s done the list of all gamemodes it calls a “quit” command to restart server (not needed but just so you know it has stopped as it has gone back to default start-up gamemode)

You can then go download the dua files, bz2 compress them, upload them and go back to playing.
I’m sure that could save a lot of time if you have a lot of gamemodes on your server?

So basically you would just need to do this:

Stop server.
Clean out all .dua files on server.
Edit server.cfg and put a password in it (you dont want anyone trying to join after all).
Start Server.
In HLSW (or what ever rcon program you use) type dua_build_now.
Go annoy the cat.
If it has finished download the .dua files from server, compress, upload.

Lot of time saved, lot less stress, you don’t get the usual 1001 messages on steam asking why your server is passworded since you can sign out of steam.

No idea if the above is possible.
However if it was (and you run a multiple gamemode server, would it help you?, anything you can think of to make it better ect ect?)