Build Menu Suggestion

Here’s an option for the build menu that would allow for the addition of more parts. Thoughts?

EDIT: Excuse the typos, I was in a rush!

i had a similar idea but instead of going outwards like yours, another menu ring would appear, this would then would make it so that each icon could have their own menu ring for what ever creative reasons for example they could one day put in a large variety of window designs or wall designs each with custom or different material coverings.
Currently there are about 15 icons in the first ring if each icon had its own ring then it gets mathematical. But they don’t need to be a full ring they can be quarter rings or half rings and subject to extension when the icon get s new piece…
Good idea though. Great minds… :slight_smile:

Nice post, +1 on this. Reminds me of the “hierarchy based” circular-nodes selection system which has been used to great effect in the upcoming limit theory game.

Skip ahead to about 5:00 on this video look for a good look, this guy has been hard at work at redesigning the way we use could be using UIs, and not just for computer games:

Good to see Rust moving in this direction, lets hope it continues.

That was Jaw Droppingly Beautiful, i could just get lost in the menu happily wandering around.

Even just the UI is another world haha! The future is looking good my friend :slight_smile:

Should make a labyrinth game based on the UI you spawn at a random location inside it and have to find your way out.