Build Server(Build RP Coming Soon)

This is a Build server,It is a failry new server.We are currently converting it to a build rp server with a custom map.The ower is “The Fourth Coming”.The admin are friendly and are willing to help anybody out.

More information?

I’ll give it a go.

theres not much on the build part.But heres an idea i have for the rp part,I have some one scripting it mf me right now.
Server gamemode
Money system
100$ = 1min
max lvls 101
starting cash 100 each upgrades gives 50$
1.100 starting level free
2.150 cost 1’500
3.200 cost 3’000
4.250 cost 4’500
5.300 cost 6’000
each level cost 1500$ more than the last.

Player starts with


weapon_real_cs_knife Level 1

weapon_real_cs_five-seven Level 4

weapon_real_cs_p228 level 8

weapon_real_cs_glock18 level 12

weapon_real_cs_elites level 16

weapon_real_cs_ ump_45 level 20

weapon_real_cs_mp5a5 level 24

weapon_real_cs_usp level 28

weapon_real_cs_mac10 level 32

weapon_real_cs_p90 level 36

weapon_real_cs_tmp level 40

weapon_real_cs_famas level 44

weapon_real_cs_ak47 level 48

weapon_real_cs_m4a1 level 52

weapon_real_cs_aug level 56

weapon_real_cs_sg552 level 60

weapon_real_cs_g3sg1 level 64

weapon_real_cs_desert_eagle level 68

weapon_real_cs_m429 level 72

weapon_real_cs_scout level 76

weapon_real_cs_sg550 level 80

weapon_real_cs_galil level 84

weapon_real_cs_pumpshotgun level 88

weapon_real_cs_xm1014 level 94

weapon_real_cs_awp level 101

$100 for each minute? AFK TIME! : D

afk kicker.