Build something cool for our site (API/Plugins)

Hey guys,

We’ve gotten a lot of requests to build an API of sorts to enable you to build things that can push data to us for use on the site or get certain data back (like who voted, etc).

I’ve been working really hard on building an API/Plugin system so server owners can turn off and on these types of things from their listing (so it’s not an all or nothing thing).

I’m happy to say I’ve made great progress with it and I’ll be launching it into production sometime this week.

Example: someone built us a playerlist plugin so users will be able to show who’s connected to their server in realtime.

If you have a plugin you’ve developed or some data you’d like to request from the API, let me know. Let’s talk. I’d love to host your script and distribute it for you if it’s a good fit for the site. :slight_smile:

These would be things that would run on