Build Then War Server

I have recently bought a 10 slot server with ( They are very cheep and great customer service, i recommended them to anyone ) its name is Creeps Build and War [Stargate-Phx-Wire][24/7SVN].

The server is based in the UK as you can guess most of you since bioservers is a uk based server provider, the server has great low ping and is hard to crash.

The currant admins are just me and a friend but since the server was created 2 weeks ago finding good,fair people that would like admin takes time.

The mods on the server are
-Temp Jumper v3
-Life support 2
-Weight STOOL
-Simple PP
-Smart constraint
-Evolve ( The admin mod )
Trying to keep mods to a min to minimize server crashing and lag without making the server not fun.

So far the server has being a success and has had far more people join than i thought would in such s short time AND people have being coming back to it.

Any suggestions would be nice. :slight_smile:

I know the guy who owns bioservers.

Gee whiz, thanks for sharing.

A++ contribution

Add gcombat for dogfights

Oops, forgot to add gcombat to the mod list.


Wow thumbs up for sharing that.