Build to fight gamemode

I want to make a gamemode where…

-2 teams
-defense on top of cliff (or something else)
-offense on bottom of cliff
-offense has ability to spawn props
-offense has tools (weld,fins,hydraulics,hinges) etc
-offense builds stuff to get to top of cliff and take over defense
-defense has limited props to spawn
-defense has tools
-there is a time limit to build things and then when time runs out, they attack
-defense has castle or tower?
-each player gets one life
-several rounds
-offense wins if they either kill off defense or get remaining players to top of cliff
-defense wins if they defend cliff for <number of minutes> or if all offense is killed

The map doesnt have to be a cliff, it can cycle through maps and choose river, cliff, canyon, etc

Tell me if this sounds like a good idea and if you like it, you should help me to make it.

NOTE: I have a server that holds 100 slots so this would probably be a really good gametype!

If you have modifications to the idea or something just post them below!

Good idea? Yes-No

A pretty interesting idea ol’chap, but maybe thee gamemode, might be better on a river like map. Maybe thy offense could build bridges and primitive metal cars, but the defense’s castle (tower) has to be fragile. I say good idea.

I am going to start working on it in about 30 minutes!
I like your ideas, I think I will use them, if its okay.
Want to help me?

Sure, can you give me your steam name?

Yeah, if I have it right it should be Schwumper

just click on the steam icon below my avatar and then it should take you to my steam page

Wiremod would kill this with the whole turrets thing …

Thats why you dont allow wire.

Think of it as Flood but less time to build and made by me

Can’t give people one life as it’d be far too slow waiting around for the round to end. Maybe LIMITED lives, but I wouldn’t give them one.

Play wood wars :stuck_out_tongue: