Build To Survive. [REQUEST]

Ok. So the Gamemode is called Build To Survive. It can be changed to any name lol

This is a really fun gamemode ive played on another game

Ok. Thr basic idea:

Players spawn on one side of a map. They have a couple mins to build something to survive the waves of NPCs (If you can. They should be able to climb and break stuff down.)

For every round they survive. They recieve 100. Or if they are in my ULX group “vip”. They get 200

A store system where they could buy different things. (Such as models, trails, hats, maybe extra speed or jump, ghost mode?)

Thats the basic idea.

Suggestions? Any Takers?
I have a server i could run this on also

And they are only allowed to use about 4 dif props

How much would this gamemode cost?

OnslaughtEvolved, It’s there already.

Thats very different.

No guns. Only Physgun and tool gun. For building. Then when the round stats it takes away the physgun

Edit it so that where it takes the physgun away, it gives you weapons?

Doesn’t sound that different to me

Lol. Ill try that. But i dont think it will be the same.

Yea. Very different. Any lua coders ou there want a job? Add me on steam and we can talk moneh


Haven’t you copied this gamemode from the game ROBLOX? :stuck_out_tongue: