Build to the Top - Recreated!

Build to the Top
This is an all new version of the classic Gmod 9 “Build to the top” re-coded for GMod 10. Race against 4 teams to the finishing platform to win the game! There is endless fun to be had in this game, just don’t fall off the edge :smiley:

Download here!

bt_tower final

Added HDR
Added invisible walls between each section to avoid cheating/annoying other players
Added a “Spectator” poster on the spectator shack.
Improved the button and lighting on the success area.


Free Users guide with every download! (.doc format)
Handy tools!
Gravity Gun!
Crate Spawner!
All new Interface!
Loaded with one sexy new map!
Lots more!

Me and Jamie sharpe set out to remake an old favourite from GMod9, and today I can say: It’s here!
I’m sure you all know what build to the top was, and now if you ever wanted to play it now, you can.

Choose from 5 teams:

Battle it out on bt_tower! (Some images slightly outdated, more to come soon)


The thread will be updated frequently, and new updates and maps will be released. Watch this space!

Tell us what you think, and enjoy!

Rate us equally, we both put in the same amount of effort :slight_smile:

Was a pleasure to make. Hope you all like it!

Pictures of the HUD and having fun on a server.

If you don’t know what build to the Top is:

It is a gamemode where you well, basically build to the top before anyone else using just the tools given.

 Big Ass Update! v2

Here is a really big update. Completely remove the old gamemode and put this one in. It fixes a heck of alot of things you have had problems with like the buttons not working correctly. Fully tested on a public server too. (does not include map or textures).

So that was the secret project you were working on!

Nice job guys,

Lua king and download from me :smiley: !

23 downloads in 8 mintus :smiley: nice !

i’ll put back my dusty dedicated server,

put some new mud in it :stuck_out_tongue:
and then see if it still runs
if it will run i’ll host your gamemode :stuck_out_tongue:

my server is pritty populair
by his homemade / custom gamemodes :stuck_out_tongue:


Nice ! :smiley:


Woow nice going thread.

my server isn’t working
i need to reinstall.
and … that computer
isn’t really quick
(it runs on zombie blood)
so not sure if i’m going to host it.

This gamemode kicks ass

who won’t agree :slight_smile:

Thanks alot guys for supporting us!

That is awesome! Thank YOU a lot for making this; I really wanted a new gamemode!

I’ve missed this.


Patch for the gamemode in my post at top.

This fixes Buttons not working and small errors in the code.

And I improved the map! I added some invisible walls between each section so people cannot unfreeze other teams bridge!

Speaking of maps, if you want to make a map for the game mode, feel free! The more the merrier :slight_smile:

Look out for a patch in the main post shortly.

Looks Great!

No servers running this. :frowning:

Have you thought about exploits? :v:

Like, with the regular physics gun you can go on top of the prop, pull it towards you and you will fly :smiley:

That is why the phys gun has been removed from the gamemode, atleast try it ;(

i put this on my server to try it out.

But quick question, what are the commands for it? I could not find any, for example to restart the round. Because the timer just goes to negative when the round ends (maybe its because I was the only one playing?). Thx, great gamemode!

Looks like a good release.

Check news on

The timer works, but only for the first round. After that it goes negative numbers. I need abit of help on that.

Also, thanks Mikfoz

The updated map is on the main post now!
Updated map includes:

Added HDR
Added invisible walls between each section to avoid cheating/annoying other players
Added a “Spectator” poster on the spectator shack.
Improved the button and lighting on the success area.

Sorry for posting lots of times, it should settle down soon :slight_smile:

I tried this out a bit ago, really good!

It looks awesome but the download link is broken:-( Can you fix it please?

Which download link is broken? They both work fine for me :S