I Made My New Map With Hammer Editor (maybe its not bad as you think)
And Its Too Small , I Dont Have Any Ideas Left :ohdear:
This Map Is So Random/Strange So I Dont Know How To Name It… I Just Named it build_map
This is First Release Of This Map…
Download This Map And Give Me Some Ideas Plz…
Download on Filefront
Download on
Download on
Post Any Idea… I Test This Map In HL2 DM And Never Played In Gmod … So Maybe There’s Some Bugs In Gmod ^^ Report Them By Sending Message To Me On Facepunch Or My Mail -
But Seriously , I Think This Map Is Not Really Good Because Of Small Amount Of Features ;(
Many Strange Things
Admin Room (i think you guys will never get into this room without noclip ;( its really hidden )
Spawn Room (you can accept player by opening door you will accept and player can play :smiley: )
Many Graffitis
Realistic Rooms Like On 3th Screenshot (scroll down to see)
Jail With Kill Button , Lock And Unlock Button
Many Secrets Like Tiny Buttons That Unlocks Something

NEW!!! Video!

Screenshots (Resolution: 1920 x 1200 )

WARNING! TO ESCAPE FROM SPAWN ROOM suicide , respawn , turn around , press a , go forward , look a bit up , and press that button , door will open (do not tell this secret to other clients)

Ahh Sorry , My English Is Not So Good

I just tried this and it kept crashing my gmod. I think something is wrong here.

i dont know… try to launch it in half life 2 deathmatch , maybe it will work

“Realistic Rooms Like On 3th Screenshot”
What planet do you live on? :slight_smile:

Experimenting with entities, lights and decals can be fun, but you need to work more on the layout of the map aswell as architecture and structure.

Those walls with rocktextures should be made into displacements.
Watch this if you’d like to learn how to form rocks and cliffs:

when i launch gmod it doesnt crashes , dont be so mad…
also this is instruction how to escape from spawn room and remember this is secret …


ehh i am not stupid , i know how to make mountains displacements hills and more… but i dont want to do it because this map is like house with grass inside lol … this is not a forest or something like that

Yeah, that’s why there’s flat cliffs and cattails in it?

This map is a mish mash of too many ideas. There is no definition of what it is. There are cliff walls with a concrete wall ceiling. Badly textured glass walls with no supports. All in all, a quick 3 hour debacle dumped onto facepunch and called a map.

nice map!. good job,but still its quite Laggy

Cool! This worked on G-Mod for me… Pretty good map. What’s with the cool song and rumble feature at the end though? lol

WHY NOBODY LIKES MY MAP I WASTED 2 WEEKS OF MY LIFE!!! :black101::black101::black101::black101::black101::black101::black101::black101::black101::black101::black101::black101::black101::black101::black101::black101::black101::black101::black101::black101::bang::bang::bang::bang::bang::bang::bang::bang::bang::bang::bang::bang::bang::bang::bang::bang::bang::bang::bang::bang::bang::bang::bang::bang::bang::bang::bang:

Maybe it’s because you are new, and should practise some more. So you can make better maps, that people will enjoy.

Also read tutorials.

facepunch sux cuz people make me mad then ill start spam and ill get banned again :gonk:

Haha, atleast you acknowledged you wasted 2 weeks of your life.

You didn’t waste 2 weeks of your life, you learned something.
(Hopefully a lot of things)

This is all part of the mapping process, you need to learn not to get angry, but to accept what people have to say in the way of criticism, take it on board, got back to the drawing board and make a new better map, then when that gets a load of criticism, take that on board, make another map, rinse, repeat. Eventually the criticism will stop, because there will be nothing left to criticise, at which point you are a good mapper.

That made my day. A typical response for a new mapper to make because they though they would get 500 downloads with a fullbright box. Wake up, and move on.

You used 2 weeks for this?

I now rate you late.

For free? Thanks, Ive always wanted a clock!

if u want this song for your videos go to sound/Lol/Dayhard.mp3 or somethin like that :geno:



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why you put so many decals?