Builder Friendly/Instacraft/RemoveTool/Airdrops at 2ppl


Builder Friendly!
No, not some carebear loving PvE server full of brony hipsters and the PBR drinking girlfriends. A server meant to cater to the builder… and therefore to those who like to knock them down.
Do I mind raiding if it is about building you ask? Of course not! Being raided is the purpose of a building. Learning to build is about learning how not to get raided so bad. So please, gather up some C4 and knock on some doors.
So why is it builder friendly? Well you have the tools; remover and instacraft. That is not why though. I have a belief that a good server has a good balance. Targets vs. predators. Too many servers die because there are no more targets left. And I believe I know how to keep that from happening here. Raiders and killers need people to raid and kill, so they should respect that and not try and chase people away.
This server will not tolerate griefers, goon squads or generally any type of asshat behavior. We kill each other as gentlemen(and ladies) and then we laugh about it afterwards. We do not attempt to make someone’s life miserable just because we can. Spiking doors and trying to grief someone will be dealt with swiftly and without need for a warning.
If you want to see this in action by all means come join. We will try and make anyone welcome if they truly want this type of experience.