Builder job?

It appears I will have to start like everyone else but I’m just going to jump to it.

Is there a builder job that only gets certain tools from the toolgun? If so, can you send me the link? If not, think it is easy enough to make?

What, for DarkRP?

Yeah. Sorry for not being specific enough. I want to be able to have a builder job be able to use weld, winch, hydraulic, and anything else related to more realistic building. Is it possible for a builder to use a toolgun with rp_toolgun at 0?

Yeah, just add to its starting weapons gmod_tool, and you will need a good admin mod if you want the restrict certain tools

Yeah but heres the complicated thing for me. I am making a builder job as I said. After that is the scientist job (This is a darkrp/spacerp) that has access to wire and life support. How would that work?