Building a cheap gaming PC for RUST

Hello Facepunch community!

I am interested in buying a gaming computer sometime in the near future. My primary reasons for this decision is that i’d really like to play Rust!
So I’m here to ask about computer specifications, it might seem like the wrong place, but I’m having trouble getting answers outside the Rust community.

Please could anyone suggest me some Gaming PC Builds for playing RUST, using sites like PC Part Picker?

I want to be able to run Rust on higher-than-low graphics. Medium would be great.
I want a good consistent performance without low FPS, freezing or abnormal crashing frequency.
I want to spend as little as possible to achieve this, and the build should only involve the actual Tower (so no peripherals)
I want to avoid having the Recommended Minimum Specs as I’m aware that they might change in the future.

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Thank you for reading, and i really hope i get some reply’s soon!


i personally would suggest against building a computer specifically to play a game in active development; too many things could potentially change. i would just build the best computer you can afford, and get what you can out of it.

that said, i would suggest having a setup with at least 8gb of ram, a decent gpu/cpu and maybe ssd.

But I’m afraid of buying a “generic pre-built gaming PC” from a large shop, only to find that yes, it plays the big title games fine, but lags on “large-generated map” games such as Rust and other Open World multiplayer games.

Which parts, specifically, have the largest effect on a game like this?

Could you recommend me some CPU’s and GPU’s?

thanks for the quick reply!

Chances are that if it can play big titles, it can probably play games like rust as well.Rust is mostly a RAM hog atm.

it’s a balancing act. you want a good gpu, cpu and amount of ram, but each can compensate for the other.

as dc said, rust hogs the ram at the moment, so that’s probably a priority FOR RUST. but again, just make the best rig you can afford and it will pay off. i’d probably steer clear of AMD cpus since i have seen a few threads about issues with them. i personally have a nvidia gpu, but it’s stock for the laptop i own.

There’s nothing wrong with AMD cpu,s I have been building with them for years and it always gets thrown around that they somehow are not good. They are solid and usually cheaper than the Intel chips. You can get great performance out of an AMD cpu and they work great when you marry them to a radion GPU.

If you plan on building your own PC it’s not hard but it’s hard to build a great PC. Take your time and do lots of research, having bottlenecks is the usual problem. People get a screamer of a CPU and GPU then they throw them into a cheap MB or put bargain Ram in. You need to find parts that compliment each other rather than limit each other. Pay attention to the bridge speeds on you MB, they actually do matter! Also the timings on the Ram can make a huge difference, you can get away with fewer GIGs of ram when your using low latency ram in a fast MB. It can get complicated so do your homework. You can waste a lot of money if you don’t buy the right gear the first time. And it can be frustrating to build a PC the. Have it work slows then you planned due to a bottleneck you hadn’t planned for. And for god sake spend a few dollars on a decent case, I have seen lots of people put good gear in a cheap case and have heat cut their performance of life expectancy in half.

I built my computer for $700 and later went from 8GB to 16GB of RAM and I can run rust on the highest possible graphic settings. I never stutter, only when a patch is released buggy and everyone lags then.

I recommend building one just be smart about the components you choose and you’ll be able to run pretty much any game that is out right now on higher settings for no more than a grand.

edit: If you’re like me and you’re new to this whole thing, hit up a subreddit about building computers. That’s what I did and they pretty much walked me through it and helped me pick out parts. I have never been disappointed in my choice.

$700 converts to around £450 and sounds like a very friendly price for a first gaming pc build.
could you tell me what your specs are?
it will give me a better idea of what sort of specs i should have, if anything.

I might be able to salvage a couple of hard drives & an optical drive, which i suppose could save me £80.

thanks for the quick and insightful replies everyone! it helps a lot!!!

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Lets change the thread a little, and say that i have a hypothetical budget of $600-$700 maximum.

What parts would you choose for an all-round gaming PC with this budget?
Could your combination of parts play Rust, and would it play Rust reasonably smoothly?
If you had a little extra money what area of your build would you have spent more on?

The build would have to include a single copy of the cheapest Windows 7, a 1TB hardrive, an Optical Drive & should NOT include a monitor or other peripherals.

Thanks again everyone!

Hey… So I had to set up a chap PC by myself too and here’s what I picked:

AMD FX 4300 Processor ~60€
Gigabyte Mainboard with AM3+ socket ~70€
16 Gigs of ram ~ 100€
Geforce GTX 750 PH 1GB vram GDDR5 ~ 100€

Hard drive, power supply and all the rest… roughly 250€ again.

I can really recommend to use AMD processors if you wanna get a cheap pc.

Definitely use pcpartpicker and study other builds people have done. Research for a while and you’ll be all good.

For an equilibrated machine, based on budget, look at

As an added bonus, if you use AMD you can remove the PC’s side cover and heat your whole house at the same time :stuck_out_tongue: