Building a new server for colocation

Looking at getting a new box for my Garry’s Mod servers. I hear srcds.exe prefers high clock speeds to number of cores, so that’s why I went with an expensive CPU rather than two cheaper ones. Does it all look well built and compatible?


Subtotal: $1,226.42

My current box runs a Xeon X3230, 4GB DDR2 RAM, and a Raptor HDD (the older model, not the VelociRaptor)

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You don’t need a new box if your current one is running on a Xeon for christ sake, just spend that on a good cooling block and a good fan to match with that, overclock the cpu and be happy.

He posted them on his forum.


Okay why the fuck is he getting a 604 $ processor, going anywhere near that high for a garrysmod server, that’s a real waste.


and then he gets the worst PSU he can find?

I’m pretty sure Darkland doesn’t need a X3550, I can’t even figure out what to do with my extra 50% of the cpu on my X3460. That’s just massive overkill.

Why would you put such a cheap hdd in your box… I know you don’t need that much space but why not opt for a ssd or something?

Yeah when he’s getting a 600 $ cpu he could might as well get a ssd instead of that hdd, or both.

It’s a 1U blade.

I see.



How many servers are you wanting to run from this?

“Cons: uhh… it is expensive, 24x multi is useless”

My suggestion.

He hosts darkland, but i doubt he needs more than he already has.

He getting a new box. Just wasting money. Keep the current.

Personally i just upgrade/change parts in my old boxes when i upgrade, cheaper.

Darkspider has the money to spend, so that’s not a issue. I have to admit the CPU is really, really expensive. But it would probably help out immensely when it comes to hosting Garry’s Mod servers. I can’t exactly say for sure though as I’ve never used that CPU.

I’ve already told him he should get dual PSU’s for redundancy though, so even if he did get the cheapest as long as he had dual if one went, the other would still work.

The server looks good Darkspider!.


He has outgrown the current box he has.

If you need to keep at that subtotal, I would change the CPU to an E5620 and get an SSD because the $35 hard drive is going to suck.

I’d be surprised if 80GB would be enough. My dedi currently uses 100GB. Plus, cheap as shit HD isn’t what you need in a server anyway. Since it’s likely to fail and all.

I’m pushing 124GB but I have like 50-60GB of copied files which should be deleted. You can easily and usefully run all of your servers off of one installation, I’m pretty sure JetBoom does it with NoxiousNet. I would have gone with a 40-80GB SSD over the current 750GB HDD I have now.

I seriously don’t push 60% load on my X3460 with two PERP servers with 50 clients on one and 20 on the other, a GMR server with 20 clients, a Onslaught server with around 10 clients along with 15 clients on Zombie Survival.

Your SEOW RP, Fortwars and Darklands RPG or whatever + anything else you are running should never constitute this CPU. It’s pointless unless you wish to run 10 servers or something. I also hate to say it but your servers don’t exactly fill up either, I haven’t seen 25+ people in SEOW in a long time and Fortwars is winding down quite a bit in popularity.


There is no justification to blow an extra $300 on a CPU which will never be be utilized. I guess it could be worth it if he’s planning to shut down in a year and use the CPU for himself or something but that’s not exactly something he should be planning on.