Building a Roleplay Gamemode

Im looking for a lua coder, im hopeing for a coder to be able to make my ideas for a game mode come true, i can get a 40-60 Slot server, Im willing to pay the coder, and give more details, plz just send a reply on here and ill send you a pm with my steam login name… Ill also have a custom map made for this server, it is going to be a Roleplay, and if i can find the proper coder then it should be one of the best!

Thanks have a great day!

Lets start with proper spelling and more details on what you want made. No one will contact you unless they think it’s a good idea or worth their while. It would help to know what kind of RP this is, and how much money you are offering.

Well, Im looking to have npcs, permanate cars, atm, and a systemn to choose from a bigger amount of jobs, also there will hopefully be a paintball npc that you can go to to buy a paintball gun and paintball with other players, there will be a permanate inventory, and a creative hud. And more ideas, but things that id need to dicuss with the coder, such as q menu, and a skill menu, along with possibly adding a new and improved systemn of building items and buying items from npcs, Something better then perp or orange comso!

As for paying the coder that would be discussed between me and who ever wants the job! Whitch will be a good amount, im guessing between 40-60$ Or depending on the ammount of work put in!

I doubt anyone will make a whole RP gamemode for just $60. RP gamemodes are a lot more involved than you may think. Maybe a Nexus schema, but still. Anyways, good luck.

Could have said something more supportive instead of being mr negative all the time!

I’m not trying to be negative. I’m just giving some advice and wishing you good luck. Lighten up. :v:

Added to steam.

Wait offline for 200+ days…?

Axiom its CurtsBond ( steam login name) or add Curtis and that should appear!


And all i wanted was a coder to come on, then id give them more details, and for payment wise, thats just a estimate, id be willing to pay more if needed, but also this coder would become essintially a super admin along with alot of thanks and people knowing this happend because of this person, Because i believe if this is done right could become the next number 1 game mode, and it will be the only server with it!

Just use one of the other 100+ gamemodes instead of offering $60 for a new one, I’m sure there is something out there with everything you need. I’M SURE. :smiley:

Hey, he’s just telling the truth, It takes a long time to make a good rp, and that still doesn’t mean it’ll be good, look at tacoscript. Your idea sounds promising though

Making a good RP gamemode requires a serious commitment in terms of time and personal interest. I wouldn’t write an RP gamemode for someone else unless it was seriously worth my time - I’m talking $15-20 thousand US dollars.

However, any script I make, I will release for free since I’m making the rules and I’m interested in it.

I remember when I was posting these kinds of ideas three years ago and saying the exact same thing. Ah the memories… :3:

Says every kid that runs DarkRP with their “mods” on it.

Just use nexus. The median price of a GMOD RP gamemode is about 120-etc.

Trust me ive looked, and the closest is Orange cosmo but thats really slopy!


And your probably what 12-13? Thanks bye!


Whats nexus?

19, And I know what I’m talking about.

I remember when RP was still fun. Kinda was on it’s path to destruction after 2007 when people started doing edits of LightRP. Those sure were the days…

Buying gamemodes. Oh that slaps me on the knee. Sure, do it if you want to waste money and feed some neckbeards ego more.

Perhaps on a large scale, yes. If it’s a private job, it’s really more like hiring someone’s services, and in those cases it makes more sense when you pay a large amount of money. You need to think of it from a more business-oriented standpoint than a ripping-people-off standpoint, regardless of whether both are happening at the same time.

I never appreciated any games on Gmod except those awesome zombie gamemodes. Almost makes me want to go play one right now.