Building after last update

I liked building before the update, It was simple.

After this update it’s so bad.

I actually dont care about halfblocks

What i do care about is the fact that pillars are in the middle of my base (everywhere). Either remove pillars are revert them back as they were in the corners!

Doors. Seriously. This has to be the most annoying change ever, making me to craft 2 different tiers of door’s instead of just upgrading them. (revert it back!) I hated it in Legacy rust and I hate it with the new update.

Cupboards. This is such a big F to the people that play solo. I could hide plenty of cupboards in my house. Now I can only place one. This is so bad because bigger clans can probably place more cupboards because they got more people that can place one down.

Shelves, they dont even fit into a 1x1. but with halfblocks i could make better shelves then the ones you made into the game.

I hope this is just a troll patch.

If you actually read the Devblog regarding the new door system, it makes complete and logical sense.

“This was something we’ve wanted to do for about six months. The problem with having these kinds of items on the building planner is that it limits the scope. For example, if we want to add different types of doors, there’s no way to do that beyond the three tiers. So if we want a submarine door, or a cage door, it can’t be done. It limits the scope in that way”

Further more, this was more than likely not an intended result, but I prefer the door system this way because it adds a frantic element. Your base is exposed a bit longer while you deploy/ craft your door. I had a tremendous time guardning my shack door entrance in legacy while I crafted my door. Also, this adds a new item to loot. Metal doors in legacy were sought after. You’d get the from airdrops and raiding people. Now it’s another piece of loot one hopes to find stashed away.

As for your cupboard complaint, try to comprehend the system before wrongly bitching about it. Cupboards have a radius which disallows placement of another within the radius. Bigger clans CAN’T have more cupboards placed. This was just a weird and inaccurate complaint from you.

“blah blah blah, I don’t even care about half blocks”…
“…but with halfblocks i could make better shelves then the ones you made into the game.”

Thank you!