building and decay question / suggestion

Ok ive played many hours in the past but i stopped for a while and things have changed somewhat so i wold like to pick the community brain please

Ok i have watched all the recent you tube guys build these intricate anti raid houses with all the triangle bases and lots of layers of walls bla bla bla …and very nice too

but these chaps mostly seem to be admins on their own servers and the one thing struck me was the fact that while they are building their multiple layers of wall skins
they are effectively stopping access to a lot of their the bases and when decay starts to set in how on earth do they get to the bottom bases to repair them ?

So now i am not sure how decay actually works vanilla servers ?

1,if its only bases that decay do they only decay if you don’t visit more than a set period
2,or do they decay slowly any way

and if they do decay how do we get to those bases that are covered all around with walls


would it not be better if you could repair your bases using the tool cupboard, this way you could repair all your bases together with little pain
but would have to have enough materials on you to do all repairs in one go

Using your tool cupboard to repair your base is actually a novel thought. However, it is my understanding that the intent is to remove the cupboard in the future. Adding this feature would only add to functionality and dependency of the cupboard. Wonder what could be done with that

If they’re admins, easy. Noclip.

A lot of modded servers turn decay off.

Noclip ? sorry no understandy

There are several vanilla servers with decay turned off as well. Personally I like the nodecay servers. The current decay system doesn’t feel like a good tradeoff between serving a purpose (wiping out old structures) and adding unnecessary “busy work”.

I don’t know if this has changed since they made the doors inventory items, but it used to be that the foundation blocks had a 24 hour timer on them that would reset anytime a door attached to that particular foundation was opened and/or closed. So as long as you logged in once a day, your foundation wouldn’t start decaying. I also remember that at one point they had said that ONLY the outermost layer of foundation blocks would decay.


Some time ago the dev added a reset to the foundations ( which is the only thing that decay except external walls in terms of building ) this means that you are able to reset the timer of your decay by opening a locked door… at the moment its 40m in range of a locked door… and the timers are:

6 Hour Delay
6 Hour Duration
12 Hour Delay
24 Hour Duration
12 Hour Delay
48 Hour Duration
Sheet Metal
12 Hour Delay
72 Hour Duration
24 hour Delay
120 hour Duration

So as long as you open and close a door ever 18 hours ( stone / sheet metal ) you dont really need access to your honeycombed foundations.

Hope that answered your question

Thx guys the info was really helpful

can you explain how you get 18 hours thx

Oh sorry the copy paste is from the dev blog but im 99% sure they upped the numbers for stone and sheet metal… i’ll look for it if you need me to