Building block bypass (temporary connection blocking)

I made this thread sort of in response to the following thread:

Check out that thread to understand what the heck I am talking about. The third video is in English. It might look odd (2 videos are in Russian), but I assure you that I have tried it many times and it works.


Basically this is a script that will allow you to build where building is blocked.

I have created a much simpler method of doing this building block bypass exploit:

That is a link to a zip file that I have uploaded (~50kb). It contains instructions, an exe file (the exploit) and a batch file (the source code).
It is extremely easy to use. I made it nice and easy so that it goes viral. Feel free to make a tutorial video (can be 30 secs long).
Hopefully the dev team will fix the issue as I have seen a few complaints in game from people getting raided in ways they thought they couldn’t get raided.

I repeat. It is SUPER easy to use now that I have made an exe file. You only have to turn it on. No more turning it off, as it turns off by itself after 9 seconds.
And no more getting disconnected accidentally.

Yep right now sir, I will download that .exe and start it.

Please let me know if it works for you.

OP, email this to with [cheat] in the subject line, please.

This post has been deleted by me.

Only one person needs to email garry. Don’t spam him with this shit. He monitors mail that comes in that way, and it’s to be used only for actual cheats.

i dont recommend to run this exe file
op, if put here source code of the cheat

I did mention in my OP that I included a batch file (the source code).

The batch file’s included, which is unobfuscated source:

@echo off

set /p IP="Enter IP e.g. "

FOR /L %%i IN (1,1,999999) DO (

echo Press Enter to initiate connection block. It will be reverted after countdown.

set /p whatever=

netsh.exe advfirewall firewall add rule name=RUST_BUG dir=out interface=any action=block remoteip=%IP%/32

timeout 9

netsh.exe advfirewall firewall delete rule name=RUST_BUG


That’s the exact contents of the .bat, btw.

Can you confirm that it works for you?

EDIT: Winner :stuck_out_tongue:

well can u record a video proof with games version stamp so we know for sure it works and its now a virus?

I could. I don’t have much time right now. But note that a video would not prove anything.

There is a video in the other thread:
The 3rd video is in English.

What I did is I replicated the exploit and made a script to make it much easier to do.

video with a games version stamp and current date will prove that ur script works, isnt it?

All that can be easily faked (video editing). And it will not prove that its not a virus.

If you are afraid of getting a virus, you can read the batch file, then run it as administrator. It does the same thing as the exe file. Batch is pure text, nothing can be hiding inside.

ok. it works. i confirm.

btw im russian, дай вк ид поболтаем?)

Thank you very much. I don’t understand Russian.

Thanks for making this public. That’s the best way to get this stuff handled fast.


Adam, I assume you need to load Oxide and now become a MOD server for your listed fix?

we need a fix that can be part of vanilla. this is similar to the duplication bug in legacy.

Whoa, hey, garry, it’s Easter weekend but can you drop everything and fix this non-critical exploit in your alpha game within 24 hours of it being demonstrated?

If Oxide has a fix, I’m sure they’ll communicate it to garry, and if not, he’ll be able to sort it out himself because the proof of concept’s been posted.