Building Blocked! HELP

getting the building blocked all over the map as an admin. but none on the players gets it… wry? :S

extra info: i got the “Master.key” plugin installed.

There was a server hot fix for this issue last weekend. Is your server up to date?

The patch wasn’t pushed as a required one, so make sure to force an update.

is it me or nowadays, a lot of the patched arent pushed , even the weekly thursday patch ?

That depends on your GSP. If you’re hosting your own server, it’s up to you to update. The server does not automatically update like it’s running Windows Update set in full autopilot mode.

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Also, if you’re running mods, expect things to randomly break when you install a server update if you have not also installed a corresponding Oxide/whatever modbase patch to maintain compatibility.

The devs don’t officially support modding, and what that means is that, they don’t deliberately stop it from being possible, but if Oxide or Pluton or whatever breaks because of a patch they pushed out, oh well, it’s the Oxide/whatever community’s problem, not the devs’.

2 things:

  1. The server CAN be setup to detect patches and auto-update, this is independant from your GSP as it will fetch it directly from steam. See the -autoupdate command line switch. If you have access to the command line for your Rust server you may want to enable this. If you run a modded server though it is recommended NOT to use autoupdate as it will update your server and restart it unmodded until you manually install the mod system back in. This might or might not be an issue depending on the mods you run but if you have a server that blocks certain items from being used/created (say, limited ladders) then there will be a time window where your players will be free to use ladders wherever until you update Oxide (or whatever engine you use).

  2. While it may be true that modding is unsupported, the Oxide team is on the ball and they release new versions of Oxide within minutes of the official server releases. Each individual mod has a chance to break on update though, it happened last week after Garry or whatever changed the name of a bunch of structures and variables all over the place as well as some mechanics, etc.

Oh, right, I forgot about -autoupdate. I don’t run my own server, so I don’t pay quite as much attention to things on that end.

And, I’m not trying to talk shit about any mod teams. They work hard to keep compatibility as current as possible. Some plugin authors may not be so diligent, but even if they are, if the server admin is not updating everything, shit’s gonna go a little sideways sometimes. :v:

yes my server is up to date :slight_smile:

We all had this problem a week or two ago. It was an out of date Oxide plugin. One of the TP plugins I think. If server updates all plugins, then it should be fixed.

i will try this, thank you!

Seems like you’re not alone

Maybe all of you playing on modded servers with a specific, bugged plugin.

I cannot see how a plugin is responsible as it only affects some players, not all.

I don’t know how… I also don’t know why only a few players got EAC false-false Banned this night on some servers, and others not, since everybody has EAC running, but it happens…

Maybe I’m wrong, maybe not… who knows…

This was solved already. Players who had used the TP feature got the bug. Others did not have it until they used teleport.

People have been using the m-teleportation plugin and are still able to build though, also one new player have never used teleport, he doesn’t know how (he just bought rust) & he cannot build… please clarify?

Honestly I don’t want to waste my time. Updating all plugins will fix this bug.

What makes you think I haven’t? - I update every plugin with the latest version every Rust update… So ummm yeah very unhelpful of you.

My current version of teleport is…

– Teleportation System Version 1.4.16

– Filename: m-Teleportation.lua
– Last Modification: 04-25-2015

– Description:

– This plugin is developed for Rust servers with the Oxide Server Mod and
– offers the following teleportation methods: Admin Teleports, Homes and TPR.

I think you will find that IS the latest version.

Evil, sorry I can’t really help. There were posts on this and someone found the plugin that caused this. I am just sharing what I know. Good luck figuring this out. Maybe it’s something new.

i updated that exact plugin mate. it helped on my server. have you restarted the server after you updated? :slight_smile: