Building Collision Models

I’m working on two Sonic character models…
I’ve exported the model and sequence, but I’m stuck making a collision mesh.
The model I’m making I plan to be a ragdoll, so the model is rigged with a HL2 skeleton scaled to size. But no matter how many times I’ve tried, or how many tutorials I’ve read, It doesn’t seem to work.

I apply smoothing groups, textures, merge meshes. Everything. But I think I’m struggling on enveloping the mesh with the skeleton and actual creating it. I’m using XSI, and when I export, I tell it to export as a physmodel, but it rotates it 90 degrees… I don’t know if it’s the model I actually create for the collision.

But any help would be great; I’m ready to give up on the damned models .:confused:

Collision bones need to have the same rotation and position as the original(rigged model) bones.

I use the same rig I applied to my model as my collision model, then envelope it and edit weighting.

To be honest a ragdoll does not have to have the Valve rigging. It can have any. If I were you I wouldn’t actually export it as a collision model, but as a normal reference model. If I remember correctly, exporting to phy does some weird truncating to the model and the compiler doesn’t really care as long as it is a reference model.

Unless XSI does something inherently odd to the SMD’s.

I’m no good at rigging by creating my own bones… D: I’ve noticed other Sonic characters have custom bones too but I’d be lost at creating my own… And then the .qc file.

I’ve tried exporting it as a normal reference, but then when I compile and try to load the model in Gmod, the model is like… sort of deformed and floating in the air… You can’t select it or look at it, because it just dissapears.

It might be XSI. IDK I might need to try a different version of it or something.