Building Decay because of Server Downtime?

Hi there, I was just wondering, since the servers are down, it has been over 24 hours sicne I last opened my door. Does this mean my house will be decaying?
So if I come back from a few hours since the servers are up, and people just walk in and take all my hard-earned gear and kill me while I’m passed out in my base?
Or is there going to be some sort of re-roll to reset the decay timers?

Yes, your base will continue to decay. This happened to everyone last time when the servers were down for a couple days.

Presumably, if the issue is actually a DDOS, then the servers are up and running, it’s just that no one can log onto them.

If a tree falls in a forest on Rust, and no one can logon because of a script kiddie, does it make a sound?

false. trees don’t make sounds in rust.