Building decay - too fast ?

Does anyone else think that the current time limit of a day for decay to kick in is far too quick?

I hadn’t noticed it before but I’ve been playing every day for a week or two and then I just skipped playing for a day on a server with the BF4 beta coming out (well maybe a day and a half… and I’m over the BF4 as well :wink: ) and my buildings have worn away and all the loot gone. Now getting raided and losing it is great… that’s part of the excitement of the game… but for simply not playing for a day or two shouldn’t just strip everything you’ve spent awhile building IMO. There’s really no point, for me, to go about building bases any more knowing that if I don’t obsessively log in every day it’ll be gone.

I agree. What if someone must go on vacation? Needs to be some sort of way.

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Thats different

It’s a day or two now? I thought it was 5 days.

I just checked my house. I didn’t log in for 3 days. Now it’s just a skeleton. :c

The problem is that there might be to many random buildings around causing a lot of lag possibly

The way decay works, to make it clear:
Whenever you place a new object onto the structure or add a new part, the entire structure should be invulnerable to decay over the next 24 hours.

Walls, stairs, and ramps will actively decay from outside in, and ceilings, pillars, and foundations will decay only when they are not supporting anything structure wise above them. Anything resting on a structure that is being destroyed from decay ( like sleeping bags, boxes, doors or fires ) get destroyed with what they are resting on.

At the moment we do know that past the decay delay, decay may be a bit too fast and i think helk is queued to fix it.

I do agree that there needs to be a better way to manage your buildings. Perhaps for now it is this way because it’s still in Alpha

My suggestions would include:
*Each player can only build one structure. They must lay down a special “Key Foundation” block and build from there. You only get one key foundation.
*Players cannot build random objects onto other peoples buildings this way.
*Decay begins to happen within 10 days if the house is not interacted with, and will completely disappear after 15 days.
*If a player knows they will not be playing for a length of time longer than 15 days, they will have the ability to select from a menu accessed inside their home to “LOCK” the house from gameplay. They can then enter in anything from 16-30 days. This will essentially make their house into a static object that cannot be interacted with in any way, this includes the owner.

So those are just some ideas that come to mind.

That would explain the skeletal framework that was left as well as quite a few interior walls (all wood) and doors (metal) still remaining. It was probably within the 24-40 hour window since I interacted with either large building so I figure its working as intended then. Good to know that it’s on the tweak list though because I think that the decay past that delay happens way too fast, even for wood structures.

@Knawx… I love building several little outposts as well as larger buildings at different places all over the map. You also are sometimes forced to move because a larger group comes in and either muscles you out or just keeps on hitting you.
I do like the ‘away’ kind of function so long as it doesn’t stop people from being able to raid or c4 your building if they so choose.

My problem with the current decay -
The other day my only chance to login was early AM after work. However, the server was down, so I went to sleep. I woke up at 8pm that night, so it had been maybe 28-32 hours or so, and I lost 8 walls, 2 roofs and some stairs, through no fault of my own. I wanted to log in and reset the decay timer, but I couldn’t. I feared the same thing was going to happen yesterday with the DNS errors, luckily they came back up before I had to go to bed. My brother though - not so lucky.

I know how you feel but good thing it is going to get reviewed in the future though!

Wait,so if I build a base somewhere in a place,assuming no raids,and I spanwed somwhere far away and I don’t have bed,my house(shack/foundation built) will be despawned?
Even if I log in and play?

Brilliant !!

@ iHi - If you build a house/base/construct… and do not activate anything (ie a door) attached to said construction within a 24hr period of you last activating it, the building will then start to decay, as Pat explains above.

The time it takes to decay after that 24 hours is pretty rapid so it doesn’t take long for it to fall apart. Its working as intended and will be tweaked later on down the track.

While having your stuff get looted for reasons beyond your control sucks (can’t log in house decays, game crashes all your doors are open) the devs have a couple stickys stated saying that the game is very early alpha, and that there will probably be several resets to the map and world at times, so I wouldn’t get too attached to what you have just yet, since if they need to clear the map to test or fix something, they will. Just enjoy the experience for what it is currently, and don’t sweat the small stuff.

I play on the nopvp server and the other day when the game crashed my doors were open, by the time I logged back in i had lost several hours worth of gathered materials, like 50 rad pills and 3-5 guns. So don’t sweat the small stuff, they’ll get something figured out eventually.

Can anyone check this bug please?

I would only increase the login time to 48 hours before your house starts to decay over a 24 hour period.
But 30 day limit on you logging in for your house to decay? Ha NO!!! That’d be ridiculous.
Although I do like the idea of not allowing other players to build on your foundation… -_- Griefers.

This could also lead into the development of a new tool; such as a hammer. It would allow players to be able to modify the structure of a house with their unique key foundation. Just in case you misplaced a door, pillar, wall etc. you’d have the opportunity to modify it instead of having to blow it up or wait for decay.

If it’s really 24 hours… that’s CRAZY fast. We just built up our base in a matter of 8 hours. Took four of us doing wood/metal runs and the place is AMAZING. If we have to replace that every 24 hours… that’s going to suck the energy out of us for wanting to do ANYTHING.

I get that it’s an alpha… I get that things are being tested and changed… but you need at LEAST a week before something to decays for people to be able to stock up on supplies again. That’s if during that whole time they aren’t raided.

This too, i’d expect to be addressed. Helk understands, I hope, that such a quick decay cycle is not in the best interest of most gamers that have real-life interruptions, such as social, work, family, school, travel, etc.

I’m certainly with the majority in this thread on this topic, but the time and rate, I think should not be set, though after 24-hours seems a bit quick.

I really like the idea of a new tool such as a hammer.

Yes they do appear to decay fast for some…think they are still tweaking how decay works so will reserve judgement until they have something permenent in place.