Building destruction algorithm proposition.(Tell me what you think)

So lets start with building hp. Say a level 1 wall has 100 health, level 2 has 200 health and so on.
Once a wall reaches half health a jagged hole appears in it that can not be passed through, but can be shot/looted through.

Players will have 2 types of stamina [Hard] 50 points and (Soft) 100 points

The only way to lose [Hard] stamina is to swing a tool and hit something. //Example: -.5 hard stamina per hit.//
(Soft) stamina is used running and swinging. It regenerates from 0 to 100 in 15 seconds.
Your MAX (Soft) stamina equals 50+[Hard]stamina. // Example: At 0 [Hard] your have a maximum of 50 (Soft).//

Now on to the relations between (Soft) stamina and your damage.

Formula for damage
For this example I will say pickaxe does 4 (base damage).
A players damage <Multiplier> equals: [(Soft)-49]/50 //Example: At 100 (Soft) your multiplier is 1.02. At 50 (Soft) your multiplier is .02.//
A players damage to a building per hit equals: (base damage)<*Multiplier> //Example At 100 (Soft) your deal 4.08 damage per swing. At 50(Soft) you deal .08 damage

Now on to the final piece: [Hard] stamina recovery. Lets say it takes 1 minute to recover a [Hard] stamina point.

What it does
Basically what this algorithm does is force players to go home and rest, and return the next day to go at it on the walls till it is not worthwhile for them to swing anymore.
It prevents a new person from getting on, and swinging at your door day and night till it opens.
Instead they are rewarded for swinging a bit through they day, going of and collecting, then coming back the next day to continue. Also if a player comes up on a person trying to break into a house, the ambusher has the advantage that they can run longer than the tired person breaking in, so the burglar must stand and fight.

I acknowledge that these values are not really balanced and that is ok, they can be tweaked. The point of this post was to introduce the basics of a system that limits the damage a player can do per day. When people go to break into a house, they would come fast, break what they could and leave.
I feel like it kinda functions like a player based decay system. Tell me what you think.

presumably this would also apply to a player building and repairing since it’s done via tool use.

Now that I think about it what is comes down to is having a cooldown on upgrading a wall(This cooldown timer would be stored in the wall, not the player) . If you upgrade it again during that cooldown period it causes that upgrade to consume i good deal more stamina. This effect stacks if you upgrade a wall multiple times during the cooldown period of the wall.

You can tweak this to the point where you are not hindered by stamina constraints building a large house, yet you can still prevent someone from spam healing a wall while you hit it.

Another thing that could be done is making a wall harder to repair the more it is broken. Combine this with a hole that appears in the wall and force the house owner to stand in stabbing distance of the hole while trying to repair and you have a recipe for making turtling harder. To force a player to be in stabbing range of bandits, you could make them have to repair the wall by using their hammer on the equivalent of an small invisible box they have to click on, outside the hole. Every click on this box repairs some of the wall and its location forces player to abandon a wall that has a hole in it or try to repair it at the risk of being stabbed.

If you can’t visualize this force the repairer to be in stabbing range hole system based on my description , feel free to say something and I will see if I can describe it better.

what i suggested in another thread was a similar system from a different perspective.

basically the idea was dependant on reintroduction of the condition system for your tools, and the application of a “feedback” system for building components. so the tiers of tools have increasing condition points, and the walls etc have increasing feedback levels. so when you hit a wall, the tool takes the feedback as damage for each time you hit the wall. higher levels are harsher on the tool, better quality tools have more “health” until they break.

this way, instead of relying upon stamina as the variable(which it kind of already is, since you use more food/water depending on the task), its the resources available to you that stop you from rebuilding/attacking a wall.

back on topic though, i missed the hole generation thing, and i love that:)

Actually after thinking a bit harder, I see no reason for your tool condition mechanic to not be implemented. If nothing else, it would prevent a new guy from making a single pickaxe and going at it on a house in our current system and would have a similiar effect to my (go away and regain stamina) method, without the implications my method has. Hell if you went through the pickaxes or tools fast enough attacking buildings, we wouldn’t even need an inventory system overhaul.

So this helps with the new guy pick axing through your base while your gone issue, but I hope some implementation of my cooldown method can help fix the repair your base constantly problem without messing up peoples large scale base constructions.

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Anyway lets say we throw my stamina usage out the door. What is another way to prevent players from repairing the hell out of something your are destroying. You could have a maximum amount of times you can repair/ upgrade a wall that has been damaged by a player in the past few minutes.

Lets say every time your wall is hit, it enters a DONT REPAIR ME state for 5 minutes. If you repair this wall say, 5 times in 10 minutes while it is in this DONT REPAIR ME state, you lose your ability to repair/build for 5-10 minutes. This lets a person try their wall up, but doesn’t let them overdo the repairing.

Perhaps a similar system could be implemented to combat building a wall extremely quickly. First, to prevent someone from throwing down another wall right as you destroy the old one, make a new wall not be upgradeable to repairable for 10 seconds. To keep someone from upgrading a wall fast as hell to seal off their staircase while you are dealing with their outer wall, you could prevent someone from upgrading a wall more than 1 level every 1 minute or so and completely prevent upgrading on a wall in a don’t repair me state.

i think if you had rocks deal poor damage, stone weopons deal average damage, hammers repair good amounts, metal weopons damage good amounts and explosive just kick the sh*t out of the wall, then you could balance it out a bit.

if a single guy with a rock comes to your house, he can’t break it faster then you can repair it, but if a few guys with picks come round, you are just delaying the inevitable. i don’t like the idea of artificially preventing repairs/attacks, but it makes sense that certain tools will give you an advantage.


Powder keg you have to carry on your back slowing you, that a noob with a torch can come along and whack, setting it off killing you both. That is what needs to replace c4.

On that note, I do wish items were large, clunky, can only be carried by certain amounts because of space and weight limits. It’s hard to really grasp what 1 piece of wood really is and then justify the time spent on collecting and building against the time for destruction that gives the right sense of balance and a decent amount of realism. They’d probably have to make X amount of an action (tool/weapon use) to result 1 of something that represent the time spent collecting and working in order to mix both realism and balance.

Granted, people who just want a building/architect simulator won’t like this.

This seem very complicated for something that should be simple.
If such a basic task have this complex system the complete game should have a 4000pages guidebook…

Stamina System from LiF (Life is Feudal: Your Own)?

Nah this will not fit.