Building engines in gmod, a few questions

Hello all you engine builders out there,

I started engine building since january, but always on singleplayer. I never really knew wether my engines were delivering any good power. My latest engine delivers about 1500 RPM but the crankshaft starts to spaz when it’s running long on that RPM. Any ideas why that happens? I’m also using Jinto’s to surpass angular velocity limits… But is it any good anyway? What RPM’s do your engines deliver, average? How do you reduce loss of effeciency in the gearbox? Are there any servers (EU) that focus on engine building so I can get along abit?
Hope you guys can help me out a bit ;)**

1500 RPM is quite a bit for Source so yeah, it’s going to spass. Make an RPM limiter before it hits the 1500 RPM. Generally asking MrWhite for engine stuff is a good idea as he’s probably the one here with most knowledge on it.

Thanks for the advice.

I’m gonna try to lower the rpm but get more torque out of it.