building exploit (flying players)

Just been shown a glitch on my server that involves a player holding building plan, selecting the door and jumping repeatedly while looking at the ground, this made them float in the air and the more you tab jump the higher you got.

This needs fixing asap

Had a guy on a tx facepunch server get on my roof(had twig roof still) of a base I took over that had been raided. He killed me ofc. I got back and looked no ladders (had tool cupboard active also). He was at my door and 15 sec later he was on the roof. Also as a nice surprise when I was back in the house door shut and locked he 1 shot the door with the shotty and killed me again.(Door was brand new from before 1st attack and I was back within a min using teleport so i know he didnt damage before i got back) Rust needs a hacker report button like H1z1. I say this as he was on the beach grieving ppl and my place was atleast 10 min run from the beach and he was there just as soon as he was done with beach.

What does this lengthy post have to do with the topic?

Thanks for this topic, now the server I’m playing on is littered with flying players. Gg wp.

You would rather he NOT bring attention to this issue?

Yes, it’s good the developers now know about this… But exploits like these, there should really be an alternative way to bring these up, since now quite a lot of people know about this exploit, and quite many are ready to use this exploit for their advantage. You do understand that this is quite gamebreaking.

There should be an option in game so exploits can be reported in game, so as to keep the abuse to a minimum.

I mean if they fix it in the next 3 days before the forced wipe why not?

This issue is quite well known long before I posted on here, I was shown by several players on my server before I posted here. The reason I did post here was because I couldn’t see any other threads on the subject and I see no other way of letting the devs know (privately). So you getting killed/raided by these players on any server is not my fault.

It got fixed, it’s all good.