building fundation stairs

After the last patch I can’t build fundation stairs at fundation wich are going up. U know what i mean? I used it to build big buildings on non flat area. Now it is impossible. Is it a bug or was it done on purpose?

Can you show a picture maybe because I don’t really understand what you want to say

I think he’s talking about how you used to be able to use foundation stairs to link adjacent foundation blocks, which allowed you to build massive sprawling structures over hilly terrain while keeping all the pieces linked together. He’s saying this no longer works. I haven’t tried it myself, so I can’t confirm either way.

that’s what im talking about:)

Foundation steps where the “low” part of the steps are connected to a foundation are no longer possible. You used to be able to get these by standing on the foundation block and placing foundation steps. If you stand in front of the foundation block, you get steps with the “high” point connected to the foundation.

It’s still possible you just have to go backwards.

Awww man. There’s no valid reason for this; it made for some really creative buildings.

Here a better Stairs! hahah