Building Hammer save file (.vmf)

This is just a building that I made to use in my map but I given up using it, so if someone wants to download it to use on your map, go ahead. It’s a Hammer save file (.vmf) You can do anything you want with it, modify as you want. :smiley:

Here’s a screenshot of it:

So you can use on your RP map, construct map, or whatever… Have fun with it! :smiley:

Ah, just one thing, if you ever publish your map using this building on facepunch, just send me a PM because sure I will want to download it to check it out. :smiley:

Here’s the download link:

hmmm, I could use this in my sp map, thanks! One thing, is it enterable? I’d like to modify it into a hospital.

Yes it is. :smiley:
The only bug is that one of the sliding doors is sliding to the other side, but is easy to fix it.

There’s no func_detail in that whole building?

Hmm… No, but as I said you can do whatever you want on it. I don’t know how to use func_detail (yes, I don’t know :)) but better mappers can turn this simple building into something really awesome I believe. :smiley:

Like, say… a hospital.:smiley:

Let’s say this is just a base to your imagination :smiley:

Hmmm… I think I will use this. After editing it and choping it off at a much lower floor… For some reason I can edit a building untill it’s completely different but starting from scratch gives me trouble.

Hey Chills2 could I perhaps use your hospitle? I need one for a zombie map.

Nice one. But it’s need good optimization in the whole building, i think.
Anyway, never seen such a building in source, yet :slight_smile:

func_detail is a necessity for something that large. Compiling that would be a nightmare. Staircases will produce an obscene amount of visleafs if you don’t optimize them.

Hmm… Well, living and learning :smiley:
I’ll search for some func_detail tutorials.

Pretty cool and useful,winner for you!

Oh my god. Func_detail is just an entity like any other. Simply select the brush, right click, tie to entity and select func_detail. There’s no thing that you can do wrong.

Oh and the building looks good, some more detail would be better, but like you said, it’s a “base”. :slight_smile:

You didn’t tell him where to use it though.

It should be used on details that shouldn’t block visibility really, such as door frames, window frames etc, as the name suggests use it on details :slight_smile:

as for the stairs, clip a diagonal line just underneath the stairs when looking from the side, to create one big triang and lots of little ones that are the individual steps. select all the small step triangles and func_detail them.

Level geometry that encloses the map and displacements.

im gonna be attempting to make a rp map with this but if i end up making it, it would probly only be on the team foosh server

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OP’s building isn’t very good…


An RP map.


Holy crap!