Building Hogwarts in Source 2

About Me

Hello, everyone!

I am Saandy, A game developer turned mapper from Sweden.
My greatest hobby has since 2014 remained building experiences, and programming has always been the ultimate means towards realising my creativity, but starting in the middle of last year with the release of the Alyx modding tools, I was introduced to mapping as a new hobby.

About Hogwarts

Since day one I intended for this map to be as close to the reference material as possible, and I feel reasonably accomplished looking on the outside of the castle bare some yet to be added windows and other detail. Reference material can be quite missleading however, as after each film they released, either for the fun of it or because they realised they needed the castle to look different for the story to make sense, they rearranged the castle by moving, adding and removing big parts of the structure.

My end goal for this project is to bring a detailed map of hogwarts into S&box, and to release the map for people to use in Roleplaying servers, as I believe that the RP scene has the potential to be huge for S&box. RP still lives on in Garry’s mod, but Source 2 and S&box bring with them new possibilities as well as a modern and user-friendly toolset (most of the time).

This map is based mostly on the Half-Blood Prince version of the castle, which I think strikes the perfect balance between nostalgia and function.
Please keep in mind that this is not a finished project, and that certain areas might be a little rough!

The Boathouse

The first thing I built was the boathouse where the firstyears arrive with the boats on their first day.
The steps connecting the boathouse to the viaduct courtyard was particularly annoying to make, as they seem to go everywhere! I have learned a bunch since I built this, and I might rebuild it in the future. I am torn between this simpler and early version, or the version seen in the final movie, which is more detailed and grand.
(Also, i’m keeping my eyes on the S&box water!)

Viaduct Courtyard

The courtyard in front of the Great Hall! I have struggled with creating a nice texture for all the big towers and walls, and I have grown to like the current one even if it the tiling is a little bit too noticeable.


This bridge connects the west and east side of the castle. It is modular, which came in handy when the entire east wing of the castle had to be rotated to make other areas of the map connect properly, and as a result the bridge had to be longer.

The East Wing

Untextured and unfinished, but still interesting to look at.

Middle Courtyard

A place for leisure and recreation. The transfiguration classroom is to be located close to here.
That half-circle tower is the astronomy tower.

Wooden bridge

All the detail of this bridge was made inside the hammer editor!
The Scaffolding is a tilemesh, and the bridge segments are prefabs.

Clock tower

Built for and heavily featured in Prisoner of Azkaban, The clock in this tower rings when classes start or finish (and when you use a Time-Turner)

The Great Hall

There are supposed to be gargoyles lining the inside walls. I made the gargoyle badger for Hufflepuff, but the wings didn’t line up with the walls because I didn’t bother to check! Always make sure your work isn’t a waste of time.

The Entrance Hall

The hub connecting the exterior to the Great Hall and the Grand Staircase.

The Grand Staircase

One of the most iconic places from the movies, which never appears in the books.

The painting frame texture is taken from a picture I took whilst visiting a castle here in Sweden!

Training Grounds

This area is huge, and it doesn’t really connect to anything! The Whomping Willow used to stand here, but was moved for the third film onward.


This is how the map is going so far.

If you have any ideas or objections, you can find me on twitter @eriksaend
or on discord: Saandy#9959
I would love to hear your feedback!

I will be showing more of my progress in the future, when I have something cool to show!

Thank you,


Yo is that Blackadder???


Wow, that was quick!


I’ve been following everything you’ve been doing in the S&Box discord, cant wait to see the final product, it looks amazing.


This is incredible. The detail is absolutely insane. Great job!


This is simply incredible!


Thank you! I can’t wait, either.

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Great work, the mapping work I’ve seen so far from the community hasn’t failed to amaze me :smiley:


Source 2 is really incredible! It helps creativity instead of hindering it.

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omg, yes i need this game mode back for the next thing and also that pirate game mode and this just makes me smile and cry. thank you for starting this.


As far as the many differences between all the castles in the various versions of the movie, do you plan to simply follow one main influence for the castle, or are you going to try and mesh it all (or at least some important parts) together in the way that seems most reasonable?

I think this is an incredibly cool and exciting kind of map, I cannot wait to see it come to fruition. If only there was a little more consistency with how everything had worked architecture wise in the movies, but you’re doing a great job at trying to figure it out.


The version I am referencing the most is the one from The Half Blood Prince. That version is the most feature-rich, and it came before they made the viaduct courtyard monstrously big and moved the bridge connecting the courtyard with the east wing of the castle. The last two movies changed Hogwarts to make the fight look epic, which in my opinion is a pretty poor reason from a world-building point of view.

The exterior including the Quidditch pitch, Hagrid’s hut and the front gate into the grounds are all perfectly planned out by people who worked on the movies, and I intend to follow the reference as close as possible for that. For the interior however I have to take a lot of creative liberties. Many of the iconic classrooms and other areas from the movies need to be included, but I can’t always place them where they are in the movies as the interior and exterior don’t match.


Update 2021-04-28

Hello again! This week I have been optimizing the map to make the lightmaps and vis work better. I have worked mainly on the great hall, but also some other areas such as the "entrace hall" leading in from the suspension bridge, and continued work on a corridor leading off of the grand staircases.

Full disclosure!
The Gargoyle statues on the walls in the great hall and the fireplace model are made by suummalumcuique on Sketchfab!
There might be a bit of a style clash, so I might have to end up replacing them with my own in the future (especially the fireplace). However I do think it looks pretty nice!

also, sadly there are still some lighting artefacts in the great hall, but it’s difficult sharing anything if my screen-grabs have to be perfect, especially when a full build takes 12 hours!

Great Hall

Marble Tower corridoor

Suspension Bridge West Entrance

Thank you for your interest!


Keep up the absolutely great work! The great hall looks stunning, please keep us updated on this project I cant wait to play this in S&box!


OMG :astonished: that looks awesome, really good job on the detailing.


Am I dreaming still? Those first few pics look like real life, I really had a hard time figuring out if they were in game or not. Super good job to you :slight_smile:


holy fuck great hall looks like a movie wtf that’s awesome!!! plz continue your doing great!


Would it be possible to recreate this on S&box? So have the main school being hogwarts, then parts of the dark forest and then the lake and then have hogsmeade away from the school. If so, I will fall in-love.


Other question: How many rooms do you plan to have? And will you add some aspects of hogwarts from the film/book like the chambers of secrets/the shrieking shack/secret duelling rooms.

As silly as some of these suggestions/questions are, this would be absolutely amazing. Compared to the gmod version where everything is tight spaced but empty with full of micspammers.

Eitherway, your map + some of the potential new spells on S&box; this shall be amazing.


I would love to have the map be open like this, with hogsmeade being a part of the main map.
Right now however, the plan is to have hogsmeade be a seperate map. This might change when/ if the max map size is expanded in Source 2 for S&box. In the image provided, you can see the outline of the castle as of right now with a few red preliminary locations that I have yet to build:

A. Hagrid’s hut
B. The entrace gate to the grounds
C. The Owlery
D. The Quiddich pitch

The borders of the Image represent the current max world size, so as of right now hogsmeade could not fit on the other side of a lake to the right of this image.

As for your other question, I plan on adding all of the iconic rooms from the movies including the DADA, Transfiguration, Charms, Divination and Potions classrooms etc.

  • The chamber of secrets is really cool, and I will never forgive myself if I do not add it.
  • The Shrieking Shack is part of Hogsmeade, so it will be added when I work on that. Hogsmeade will probably not be included with the initial release of the map, but as an update some time after.
  • When you say secret duelling rooms I must confess it doesn’t really ring a bell for me except for the room of requirement. That room is really special, as it is shapeshifting. I would like to include it, but unsure on how.

Your questions are not silly. It is the detail and accuracy from what you expect to be there that makes the map ‘magical’, and so much more worth playing on.

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