Building in rocks still works

Moscow II nickname Александр, he built home in rock near small rt, which is next to cistern in winter biome. We raided his home near rock and it had way into the rock. He can easily get out of rock with ammo and etc, he tried to kill us this way during the raid. His steam ID. He even tried to sell us this bug in chat for real money.

Is it so hard to make building block zone inside the rock?

If he is using paid hacks he will get autobanned from eac or vac in one of the next banwaves.

Using glitches to get into rocks should be fixed but using hacks to get into em is another story.

He tried to sell the bug. They still live inside this rock =( They just build foundation next to the rock and then next one inside the rock or somehow this way.

Devs asked for info about ways to get inside the rock. That is why i posted this. They can watch it in real time on Moscow II.

Maybe report it here aswell