Building In Rust

I have a few ideas for the future development of rust. These ideas relate to building.

Here they are:
1.Make it so you can’t build on foundations that you did not place
2.Make it so that people can’t build right next to structures that people have built.
3.Make it so you can only place one foundation and build off of it so people don’t have 20 houses
-Make it so you can wipe all structures you have placed in case you get your house taken over or want to build

If anyone has any more ideas to help this game out please leave a comment.

  • Sleeping bags can only be used 5 times

Now that’s stupid. How is it someone’s fault if they keep getting spawn killed off their sleeping bag?

Then people can just make a sleeping bag outside during a raid and just keep on doing it. Then the person inside can’t do anything, Doing this in groups means that any base can be raided over and over.

There adding a one instant respawn and then you have to wait 5 mins

Solution to sleeping bag: add a timer.

I wan’t treehouses. Like actual deer stands or something.

do they have ladders? if not the should add that in it would be a good addition to those who would want to do the deer stand set up.

there is going to be one

Why would their be an option to wipe all your buildings if one gets taken over?

How does it make sense at all for all the structures to blink out of existence because it doesn’t belong to you anymore?

Little edit to your idea 3: Make it so people can make more foundations but they would have to be next to a foundation they already build and maybe only have a limit of 6 foundations? like if you want to make a big house

this would make villages very difficult or impossible to build with building proximity limits.

Yeah we all should live in 1x1 shacks if game allows us to create big awesome castles

i don’t really like the last idea, i think that if you lose your home you should fight back for it, dont demolish it like a 10 years old kid that becomes upset and gets his toys home so no one could play with them anymore… If you can’t get it back then take the walk of shame and build another one…

i think what he is trying to say is to allow the player to put down one initial foundation, which you can connect additional foundations to, and not being able to place anything else outside of that

The thing with building only one house isn’t very good. I mean, what if you set on a nice adventure to a different part of the map and you aren’t able to build there? What would you do if you could only build one house in Minecraft and it’s parts need to be connected to each other? It’s fine as it is.

And frankly, this isn’t very good either. I mean, you took the house, why not take it for yourself? I mean, what would you do in real life (I know this is not real life, but still) if you found someone else’s house and as soon as you got into it, it started collapsing on you, or you decided to fortify it and you weren’t able to. It’s fine as it is if you ask me.