Building In Toronto

So whats going on In the Toronto server? we cant build anything and people are saying we ve hit max objects? can we get a facepunch answer to whats going to happen here?


The official servers are for testing, and the fact that several official servers have filled up recently suggests to me that the devs might be gathering performance and running statistics for servers that are near or at the collider limit. This is an alpha, after all.

P.S. I’m not a dev, but I’ve seen multiple threads about this for different servers.

P.P.S. try searching or reading the thread titles on the first page or two next time and you’d have found these threads.

so your not a dev but can only speculate on whats going on like the rest of the 400 people? lol

how many people on this forum do you think are devs? how many devs do you think sit on here 24hours a day, 7 days a week just to answer your inane questions?

be grateful someone replied instead of being a smartass. in this case, it’s something already discussed on here plenty, and it’s a pretty safe bet that his answer is right.

Whoa there buddy. Relax yourself.

First off - of course developers frequent this forum. It is the main source of user feedback.

Also, nobody said they sit here 24/7. You asserted that and nobody else did, so really, you made an argument for a point that didn’t exist until you brought it up. You’re arguing with yourself. Also, his question is not “inane”. Go use a dictionary please.

Finally - He wasn’t being a smart ass. This is an issue that is game breaking for people who are participating in the alpha. Yes, I get it, its an alpha and things will happen. But the entire point of this Alpha, and later a Beta and possibly a Gamma, is for user feedback. So please, don’t be a smart-ass. The servers are capping entities 2 weeks into operation - thats an issue that needs to be reported, investigated, and resolved. Relax yourself.

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elixwhitetail likes to comment on pretty much everything. That postcount++

You’ve probably hit a bug we had last week. Server needs to be restarted.

hi poke, welcome to the forum.

perhaps re-read what i posted. the devs do frequent the forum, but they are unlikely to be able to be there all the time to answer inane (and yes, that is exactly the right word. have a link to the oxford dictionary) questions like “what is going on in the Toronto server??”.

this more often than not leaves the answers to come from other users of the forum members who have either heard the information from the devs previously, or have discussed it enough with each other to make an educated guess about what is going on.

to belittle the only response by saying “so your not a dev, just speculating like the other 400 people” is not being remotely grateful for the reply, and being a smart ass about it. also, this is not reporting the issue; it has no pertinent information about the problem, just a vague question. i have no problem with the op, i simply dislike the response to being given an answer to his question.

Quite honestly knifey, you dont know what your talking about, coming from a DEV in another genre of gaming, i would expect the official forum of facepunch to have some devs lurking about, there was no answer given whatsoever, just a guy that honestly has no idea whats going on and has no more pertinent information then the 400 other people that are speculating about it in the actual server itself. While i appreciate the response, the psot was to raise awareness to the Devs, not to guys that are looking to pad their post count with more speculation, the OP was again posted towards the Devs, not to more speculation of someone that really doesnt have a clue.

However i can respect the fact that the devs are not answering, if i answered every dev question in my end of the world i would go crazy as well. Quite frankly, knifey you added absolutley zero to this thread expect to pad your posts with an opinion that no one really cares about.

Have a nice day.

i couldn’t care less what you think about me, nor my opinions. if you are a dev for another game, surely you should understand that being rude to people who try to help you is far from constructive, and that the devs are likely to be too busy to answer such a vague question as “so what is going on in the torronto server?”.

the forum is a place for players/devs to discuss things; the rust forum is for people to discuss rust. you ask a question there, and people will try to help you. you want to tell the devs something without other players chiming in? email the team. use twitter to contact garry directly. but the reality is, you didn’t add any new information, and they already know about the collider limits.

I wasnt being rude whatsoever, i was looking for information, not for guys to pad their post count, just as your doing now, yet again adding nothing of importance to the conversation whatsoever. If you dont care about it then stop posting in here adding zero to the post. speculation is one thing, telling a guy to ‘go search the forums’ is another, quite frankly if your not a dev im not talking to you. My OP was not ‘hey can i get another 400 guys to sepculate on whats going on please’, do me a favor and troll someone else dude.

If you want the attention of mods, send them a PM or something if you don’t want people " posting for post count padding " telling you what you should already know as a reasonable human being.

That was his whole point - elix’s post was not telling him anything he did not already know as a human being, and the rest was pretty much just made up when he had no idea. Sure, elix was probably trying to be helpful.

But, of course it makes sense to post if an official server is unplayable. FP staff will see it and can do something.

Oh don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with posting a thread about it. The OP just has an attitude problem or something

you keep changing your story. first you were reporting the issue, now you were asking for information. well, you were given information, and you replied “so your not a dev but can only speculate on what’s going on like the rest of the 400 people? lol”. reads as pretty obnoxious to me.

either way, at 2000 odd posts over the last year i don’t really need to “troll” you to “pad my post count”.

Do you have any information to add to the post or no?

You already have the information you’re asking for on the forums answered a million times, just search for it, that’s what people dislike.

I’ve got some information for you-- many structures decayed on Toronto and building is now working again. I hesitate to even post this message here because although I’m a regular denizen of these forums and a frequent player on the Toronto server I’m not a “dev” and therefore it seems the OP has no need for my input or assistance.

… but in the spirit of brotherly love I bring you this good news nonetheless-- the collider limit problem on Toronto appears to have resolved itself by way of decay, at least for now.

alright, never mind, building is back to being intermittent now. Carry on.

yes. 2 things, though i have already said both and you keep chosing to ignore them, instead thinking i want to pad my post count.

i concur that it is likely the server reached the collider limit; meaning that until the collider count goes down either from resource harvesting, raiding, server wipe or decay it will remain the same. but then i’m not a dev, so i suppose my input is “irrelevent” regardless.

secondly, on a personal note, i think you will get more constructive replies if you are careful not to word your responses to replies in a way that comes across prickish. this forum is feral, and quick to derail into flame wars at the slightest miscommunication, but they mean well. myself included.

1st im very well aware that the server is at the collider limit, pretty easy to tell again a reasonable human being can put that together as i was well aware of right off the bat. The post was to make the FP devs aware that there was a problem in thier servers and to have a look at it putting it right at the top of the forum board rather then in a buried thread 2 weeks old.

Secondly while i realize you may mean well, you should really look in the mirror when saying someone else is coming off as ‘prickish’ as you replies really did nothing but as you say ‘incite a flame war’ which quite frankly could have been avoided by honestly just staying out of the conversation.

Im done with this conversation, the post has either been read by the people i wanted to read it by now or not, i’m not going to be continually baited into a troll war with you anymore.

Good luck