Building Inside a Cupboard Protection Area without Permission

I was just wondering if it was actually intended to be able to build inside a cupboard protected area from standing outside of it. Currently if you are standing or swimming below a cupboard’s protection area you can build even up to 1 story ABOVE the cupboard without permission… This makes cupboard protection for water bases essentially worthless unless the lowest roof is at least 2 stories above the cabinet and even then it is still highly susceptible to trolling. I understand not wanting the area to extend that far beneath the cupboard but being able to build through it and above it from below it seems a little absurd.

Yeah i agree … but for water bases you can place down a tool cupboard

The problem is the cupboard cant be touching the water so you can’t really place it low enough without building high off the surface for the whole base. I think detecting the build object’s location instead of the player’s would completely fix this problem.

Yes this is a problem that needs fixing, a cupboard placed just above water level should stop anyone without building permission building one foundation lower than the placed cupboard

Coverage area is 1 floor below the floor the tool cupboard is on…depending on how high the foundation is, it should prevent people from building if it’s on the main floor.

Jumonjii, if you are outside of the cupboard’s area then you can build into its area regardless of whether or not it should prevent you. If you are able to get beneath the cupboard then this becomes really obvious. While mostly affecting water bases it also affects bases that are on slopes.

This is true.

One of the reason people build tool cupboard boxes around the outside of their base is to extend the coverage area so raid towering isn’t an option.

It’s also another reason why the devs should to do away with tool cupboards.

The devs are in the process of a planned gradual de-emphasis of the cupboard on the way to removing it. Removing it right away would make raiding imbalanced and exploit raiding the dominant meta, and that isn’t fun.

you can place an angled tool cupboard (on stairs) for deep water bases if you want to prevent people from building bridges.

as far as I tried, this is fixed right now. I heard of this before, but i couldnt place the tc on a stair. Did I do something wrong?

Sincerly moikahl

No, that patched it as far as I am aware.