Building inside of server default buildings?

My friend and I were messing around tonight and decided to try building inside and we were able to lol. Dropped a foundation near the doorway, placed pillars and threw a door on it. So essentially being protected by three unbreakable sides of the default building.
Is this intended for people to do? Or is a glitch/bug? In order to place the foundation, we did have to jimmy it in there at certain angles. At first I thought it could be a bad thing for people to do this, but then I realized this particular building was in a fairly high traffic area, along the road no less.

So again, is this something intended for us to do or is it a glitch? I know we are allowed to build closer to the roads now and maybe this was a side effect of that. I would just like to know opinions I guess.
Is it legal, is it a bannable offense? Does it really matter?

Thanks in advance for your input.

I believe it will be changed so you can’t but as of right now it kinda sucks especially when people build on loot spawns…