Building Levels

hey guys, just me again.

so i just got to see the updated textures, especially on things like stairs, and it got me thinking how i would apporach it (if i had a big ass company making a game of any description)

so i guess the first thing is, i don’t see a need to upgrade stairs at all. or maybe at least i don’t see the stoney texture on them as making sense. i would probably simplify it all a bit.

level 1 foundation: have it similar to a wooden floor. strip the stones off it, and make it wooden. level 2 foundation adds stones(like we have) currently. level 3 adds metal cross bars, supports…however you want to show the added metal reinforcement. i like the idea of it increasing the hp of any panels attached too, so the walls on the lowest level gain some strength secondary to a good solid foundation.

level 1-3 walls, ceilings, windows, doorways etc progress the same. wood to start, then add stone to reinforce, then metal beams to reinforce further. but stick with 3 levels, and have to add more to each level. keep the hp high between levels.

stairs and doors. honestly i can’t see stones for either of these, unless you entirely change the stairs to a ramp foundation block. and a door made of rocks is unlikely to be usable, so i would have these 2 only have 2 levels; wood and metal. this leaves both of these with less hp at the highest level than the other blocks, but honestly this makes more sense given the fact that a door needs to be movable, and stairs in their current form are thin and lonestanding. on a tangent, i’d love to see vertical ladders for 1x1 towers and the sides of buildings, even if it where just another way to place the current stairs.

i figure this is how it is already, but just for discussions sake i would have the degree of demolition (ranking lowest to highest) be rock, stone hatchet, metal hatchet, metal pick, explosives. bullets and arrows should do nothing. wooden hammer is used purely as a repair tool, so no damage there either. torch is not hard enough to deal damage to logs.

anyway, that’s my rant for today. what do you guys think? and please don’t just agree, add to it, disagree with it…DO SOMETHING XD

edit snak, comment, don’t just dumb post:P

I think in the other direction, should a building not collapse if you remove the ground level?

so people are able to go around destroying houses by just removing a foundation

brilliant idea

Thanks - that you agree. (Just kidding)

No you are right - this would exactly happen - specially if the animation of the collapse is impressive.

But - it would be realistic.

Some dude said in reddit that we should have some tier 0 walls made of leaves, like some primitive tent, that you can break with only a rock, not like the other that have logical tools to break in (wood-hatchet,stone-pickaxe and iron-dynamite)

I like the idea of having the weak base textures still showing through metal bar or stone reinforcements as the house is upgraded. It helps keep continuity rather than having a brand new, completely different texture.

It would force people to upgrade their foundations before anything else, which makes sense from a realism standpoint.

Say if you destroy one foundation of a base, all levels build on top of that foundation could come crashing down, leaving rubble and loot everywhere.

If the area of effect was large enough and the collapse quick enough, it would also cut down on people attempting to collapse the building as it would kill them as well.