Building Materials?

I have no doubts that something similar will be added later, but I’d like to see additional building materials beyond wood, with varying degrees of strength

First, rocks could yield Gravel in addition to the ores it already produces.

Gravel by itself could be used to create cobblestone, used in the production of various stone structures.
Perhaps smelting cobblestone produces Concrete, for producing concrete structures.
Finally, metal fragments (a lot of them, of course) could be used to create sheet metal, for creating metal structures (for the ultimate in post-apocalyptic feel, it would look like corrugated sheet metal or maybe even a patchwork of metal panels bolted together Fallout style)

Nice idea, however I think that if concrete were to be implemented it should be produced similarly to how it is in reality- as a powder mixed with water. Perhaps a bucket or something to mix it in?

I was thinking of that, but I thought it might be a bit overcomplicated. To REALLY adhere to real life, you’d probably want some kind of limestone (maybe you get Ore, and then like Sulfur you smelt that to produce powder?), clay, sulfur, and water. The limestone, clay, and sulfur (irl for Portland Cement it’s calcium sulfate) combined would produce perhaps cement powder, when combined with a bucket of water and gravel this produces concrete (the gravel is what makes it concrete rather than cement).

Wouldn’t mind using gravel for paths. I’ve suggested this way back I think, but I guess it was buried.