Building Mechanics and Hit points

Ok so searching the forums doesn’t yield results if you have not posted the correct word in search. So I am likely adding a new post about something that has already been posted but i’m sorry that you don’t have your forums set to categorize general topics.

So here goes I feel as though people being able to melee down or shoot down a structure is great as long as it is twig, or wood. However I feel C4 should be required for Stone, Metal and Armored. Progression would be Twig> Wood> Stone> Metal> Armored. My idea would add pipe bombs and or grenades.

So what I feel would make more sense would be to start with twig upgrade to wood with more wood 250 per panel. Next would be upgrade wood to stone this upgrade would require 500 stone per panel. Final level would be an armored upgrade costing 800 Metal per panel. I do feel as though you should be able to instant upgrade from twig to armored if you have studied the blueprint and have all necessary materials to make the upgrades. Yes I know armored sounds expensive but it has great reward. I also feel it should be a BP in order to be able to upgrade to this level. A very rare BP much like legacy and getting metal base parts.

Doors would go from Twig can be melee’d, shot, or blown open> upgrade to Wood 250 wood can be blown with 1 C4 or use X pipe bombs or X grenades> upgrade to Metal door 200 metal Only able to be blown with 2 C4 and X grenades or pipe bombs> Armored door cost 200 Stone and 400 Metal can be blown with 3 C4. No grenades or pipe bombs.

Walls, Floors (non door building types)
Twig should be able to be removed with Hammer equipped and a cupboard placed. You would lose the wood spent but not have to waist the hatchets that take years to craft atm. (we do make mistakes sometimes Garry)
Twig breaks with x hits from a hatchet, pick axe, or so many rounds from guns, and of course 1 C4, X pipe bombs, or X grenades.

Wood should not be able to be removed with the hammer or any tier above twig for that matter.
Wood breaks with x hits from a hatchet, pick axe, or X rounds from guns, and of course 1 C4, X pipe bombs, or Grenades

Stone should not be able to be removed with the hammer as stated in wood section.
Stone only breaks from 1 C4, X pipe Bombs, or X grenades.

Metal should not be able to be removed with the hammer as stated in wood section.
Stone only breaks from 2 C4, X pipe Bombs, or X grenades.

Reinforced should not be able to be removed with the hammer as stated in wood section
. Reinforced only breaks from 4 C4. No pipe bombs or grenades.

Bro its not legacy. We should be able to hatchet, stone pick axe it. Your idea revolves on idea of farm.

It takes you 3 hours to build a 5 x 5 with 4 floors, full reinforced. For me to break it, i need to farm for barells to get the freaking recipe then to farm like 10 hours so i can break your house + the chance i can lose the c4(lots of them) walking to your damn house.

It’s unbalanced.

Your numbers are strictly subjective. Keep that in mind when you boldly say the game is unbalanced.

That doesn’t sound too bad. Honestly, “defenders” should have an advantage. In a game like this, whoever gets to a place first is the one that sets the status quo, so to speak, and disrupting it should take a significant investment. Although I really want to know what your idea of “balanced” would be.

Ok so do you play solo? I have and it’s a mother fucker to go out run around get yourself setup with a 1x2 with a cabinet, and a campfire and the 1x2 stoned off and a key lock on the wooden door only to find out a band of 4 people come and hatchet into your house in 5 minutes. Sorry but yeah it needs moer balance just like legacy had. Wooden door melee’d, metal door not melee’d. doors weaker than the walls that hold them forced people to make a decision blow the wall or follow the doors.

i agree in part, save these differences:

twig should not be removable. the cupboard should be removed entirely, and you have to break down the panels. they have very minimal health anyway.

wood should be able to be damaged with any melee weapon, and i agree have enough health that it takes about 1 c4 per panel, and heavily damage nearby panels.

stone should be able to be damaged by any metal melee weapon, and again, agree with about 1 c4, with minimal damage to nearby panels.

metal is debatable, since they are considering damage types and reduction on the different panels. depending on the traits conferred onto metal, i think it should be possible to break it with metal melee weapons, and 1 c4 as the stone panels.

as armored is the top tier, it should be immune to melee attacks, and require more c4 to destroy panels, though the exact amount is debatable.

bullets/ranged attacks should do very minimal damage to any panel regardless of type, they just do not have the momentum to break a wall down.

Dude you put a wooden door down that’s just plain unwise. Even after your supposed balance changes those raiders would’ve STILL been easily able to get into your example shack. Once you get a building to a 3x3 or bigger, raiders start thinking twice about using tools to bust down your walls. Just don’t go around trying to set up a base if you’re going to go several in-game days without expanding.