Building models ?

Could somebody point me to some building models that i could use for scene building ?

I know theres a couple of ones but would be nice if someone could point me to some i might not know about

Or maybe could someone port over the Fallout 3 skyscrapers and buildings maybe ?

May I ask how on earth we are suppose to know what ones you already know about if you didn’t tell us to start with ?

Either way I made these. (there are more on the toybox like furniture and stuff)

Well theres the ones from Metro 2033 that someone pointed out to me . Theres the Chrysler building , theres your medival building props aaaaand i think thats all i know off really

I was wondering though did anybody port the city structures from Fallout 3 ? Like the destroyed skyscrappers n stuff ?

you should try these although there not broken some a cool buildings taken from maps.