Building on other peoples buildings.

I think a nice idea would be to add some sort of zone around your building automaticly so if you build a shack, the surrounding blocks can not be built on by other players, making griefing come to a halt.

As for now, i see a lot of people building foundations at a building and then stairs to jump through windows.

Just a thought =/

How is building stair to break in to a house griefing? it’s just raiding done well. Don’t punish people for being clever.

sorry, i forgot to edit the post. it would also stop people building outside your door which would “make griefing come to a halt”

Yet griefing isn’t against the rules. It’s frowned upon, but it’s allowed. Also, building right next to someone’s building to get into the building is what they used to do back in the day with swords & stuff. Siege towers, dude.

Griefing is part of the game, it’s part of what makes the game fun… And I’m not even a griefer.

Solution: Don’t build windows.

they should add ladders…

i hope u get ramped in …

I think this idea may be cool if it only included in your home (above foundations). Not around it. This way ppl could still tower to get in but it would keep ppl from griefing the inside of your home just to be D’s

I’ve thought about this in that it would be nice to be able to dismantle wall that you built yourself, but then the thing is that would stop anyone from being able to take over abandoned buildings or buildings they’ve raided.

There’s ways to prevent people from griefing your house (or at least make it more difficult). Make multiple entrances/ways to exit, build your house in a place where more foundation blocks can’t be added like next to a steep hill or with trees surrounding it. The more resources it would take someone to successfully raid you the better.