Building placement in upcoming, unreleased Rust.

I’ve been playing Rust for a few months now and have been watching the updates with increasing anticipation each week. This week’s update showed some of the things I have been really curious about in terms of constructing buildings.
What I am still wondering is if the new update will allow more freedom in placement of the foundations; specifically in terms of elevation.
Right now, we are limited to only a few places on the map for structures to cover a decent amount of area. Any drastic changes in terrain elevation means the building stops there.
I appreciate how this can keep massive buildings from popping up all over the server. Some servers are heavily admined, and building limitations can be enforced.
Will the update include new building physics allowing for a more creative placement of foundations, or is this limitation by design?
It would be nice to be able to build on the side of a cliff (within reason) instead of scouring for flat, strategically sound land.
Has anyone else found this to be a problem, or am I seeing an issue where none exists?
I was also curious (albeit less so) about building decay and if the new game play will have some way for server owners to set their desired decay rate or not.
I know a lot of people have said how much they would like their buildings to not disappear so quickly.

The existing server’s decay is configurable. If your server admin doesn’t know how to change it, he needs to brush up on the server config options.

Since the new version is using a procedural generator, I imagine building won’t work exactly the same as it does in the old version.

The last time I messed with the server config options to change the decay rate, I ended up causing some things never (or what seemed like never) to decay and some things to decay too rapidly.
I would love to change it without having the issues cause a server wipe again.
That was not something I was too concerned about though. I was hoping for more of a yes, you will be able to build one structure at multiple elevations; or no, you will have nearly the same restrictions.
Which… admittedly… is also not as important as other gameplay features.